Remember the Titans

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While Shane avails himself of the shower, the brothers talk things over. I'd rather the camera follow Shane, but we're stuck with the Winchesters. "Well, he's definitely something," Dean says. "Maybe he's not the monster," Sam suggests. "Maybe he's the victim." For some reason, they decide to let Shane have their motel room while they book another for themselves. Wouldn't it be smarter to stick with him? Shouldn't they keep an eye on him until they know who or what is victimizing him? But then they would be there to see....

... a young lady standing in the shadows, watching Shane as he sleeps. She has dark hair with heavy bangs and wears an all-leather outfit. She sits on the edge of his bed and tenderly strokes his hair. He grabs her wrist and gives her the once-over. She smiles at him. "Who are you?" he asks. Her smile fades. "You don't remember?" He stares blankly at her, which is all the answer she needs. With her free hand, she raises a dagger. Shane throws her off him and rolls off the bed. They circle each other. Dean opens the door just as they come to blows again. Dean goes after the lady attacker. She sweeps the leg and Dean goes down, hard. Sam starts to join in, but doesn't get past the threshold before flings him out of the room with a wave of her hand. During the scuffle, the mystery lady drops her dagger. She lunges across the floor for it, but Shane flips her over and plucks it from her fingers. He shoves her up against a wall and touches the top of the blade to her cheek. "Who are you?" he asks again. "Now I'm your worst enemy," she says. She grabs her dagger by the blade and disappears in a puff of black smoke.

Sam and Dean right themselves just in time to gape at her departure. "Who the hell was that?" Dean asks. "She said she knew me," Shane says. "I could have sworn that she was upset I didn't know her back." Shane is a bit out of breath and rubs his left arm. He drops to his knees. "I just need a minute," he gasps. "I've never been in a fight my whole life." He seems genuinely confused, as do the Winchesters, having just witnessed his crazy good fighting skills. Suddenly, Shane grabs his chest and falls to the floor. "Do we call 911?" Sam asks. "And tell them what?" Dean asks back. "That the dead guy we stole from the morgue is alive and having a coronary?" Shane writhes around on the floor some more, but chooses to have his next death scene during the commercial break.

Later, the Winchesters keep vigil over Shane's temporarily dead body. They were considerate enough to pick him up off the floor and lay him out on the bed. "I feel like I'm sitting shiva," Dean grumps. Now, where was this Dean when they met the golem? Sam starts to correct him, then perhaps realizes he's being a pedant and decides there are more important matters at hand. "What do we know of that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot and has a history when violent women?" he asks. Dean thinks for a second and asks, "I dunno... you?" Ha! That's hysterical. Sam doesn't have Jason Bourne fighting skills.

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