Remember the Titans

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Before they can discuss it further, a knock comes at the door. Dean peeks through the curtains and sees a young woman. He cocks his gun and keeps the barrel pointed at the inside of the door as he opens it. "Can I help you?" The woman has a blond boy with her. "Agent Bonham?" she asks. He doesn't cop to the name, but doesn't deny it, either. She goes on, "This is going to sound really strange, but I'm looking for a corpse that went missing today." She shows him the tabloid paper with the zombie story and says the coroner told her where to find the feds. "I'm Haley," she says. She says she's looking for Shane. "I'm the mother of his son." Dean surreptitiously stuffs the gun down the back of pants, but is less than surreptitious when he opens the door so he can make friends with the kid. This leaves the still-dead Shane in full view, but Haley isn't surprised by his condition and rushes in to see him. "Stay with the nice FBI agents, Oliver," she says to her son.

After Haley's had some time with the corpse, she joins the Winchesters outside. "When I was younger, I had friends who wanted to climb this mountain in Europe," she says. Why are they being all vague? Both she and Shane described it as being "in Europe." Why not just say Mount Kazbek? Is it because it would eliminate the need for thrilling exposition later? She says the avalanche killed her friends. She says she found Shane, frozen solid but still alive. "I just knew there was something off about him, the way he would --" "Die every day?" Dean finishes for her. She says she thought it was a symptom of the exposure or shock, and thought he was just unconscious. Like, really unconscious. They celebrated reaching the bottom of the mountain by having sex, during which he died. "I called 911, but they couldn't save him," she says. He came back to life when she went to ID the body. Would you have to ID the body if the person died while they were doing you? I mean, that seems like ID enough. Anyway, she says she freaked out and ran. "Nine months later, I had Oliver." She looked for Shane, but gave up until a couple of months ago. Sam wonders why she resumed her search, but she doesn't get a chance to answer before Shane comes back to life and joins them. Haley calls Oliver over and introduces them. She doesn't have to say the kid is his son for Shane to do the math and figure it out for himself.

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