Remember the Titans

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While Shane gets to know his kid, the Winchesters take the opportunity to stand around and talk out the plot details. "Turns out we were right about the curse thing," Sam says, having just finished up with his laptop. "From what I can tell, we're looking at a Titan." Because Dean is situationally ignorant of these things, Sam has to explain that the Titans were "proto gods." "Best I can tell, he's Prometheus," Sam says. "Didn't he steal fire or something?" Dean asks, back to knowing something about something. Alas, he just as quickly regains his ignorance, because he has no idea why Prometheus stole the fire from Olympus. Sam explains that it was to help humanity. "And in return, Zeus decided to strap him to that mountain and make him relive death every day." Why didn't they just follow the actual story of Prometheus living in eternal torment? Is it because they couldn't train an eagle to follow this guy around, eating his liver all day? Anyway, Dean figures all the dying is why Shane's memory is shot. "Did you figure out who the Xena wannabe was?" he asks. "I'm guessing Artemis," Sam says. "Zeus's daughter, she's been known to carry around weapons like that dagger." He says it like Artemis is the only one of the gods who'd carry a weapon, which would make her easy to identify. Even if that were so, it wouldn't be a dagger, but a bow and arrow. Or possibly a spear. Unlike Sam, I have no qualms about appearing the pedant.

Later, Sam and Dean sit down with Prometheus and the Internet to break the titanic news to him. He doesn't remember eagles eating at his innards for thousands of years, but he seems to take everything in stride. He thinks it would be best if he stayed as far away as possible from Haley and Oliver, lest they become collateral damage. Sam and Dean promise to help him, but first they have to tend to Oliver, whose mother has just brought him inside. He's bleeding and unconscious, and Prometheus realizes he's dying. "Wait a second, he has your curse?" Sam asks. Haley's like, "What curse?"

They bring the boy to Dean's room at the Lair O' Letters, which is one thousand miles from their motel room in Montana. Oliver is still dead. Everyone's rushing around like this just happened, even though it's been at least a 12-hour drive. During this time, nobody has explained to Haley about the curse. What the hell, show? No, seriously, what the hell? If they want to have a hub they can zip to in the course of an episode, they need to start setting their cases a lot closer to home. Haley says Oliver started his daily dying when he turned seven, a couple of months ago. "Age seven marks one of the first Greek rites of manhood," Sam says off the top of his head. "How do you know that?" Dean asks. Sam looks... embarrassed? Uncomfortable? He's also looking really pale. Haley pleads with Shane to tell her about the curse.

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