Remember the Titans

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Meanwhile, Dean, Haley and Oliver pile into Haley's minivan and drive toward the Abandoned Warehouse of the Week. For some reason, Dean is driving while Haley rides shotgun in her own car. Does Dean get motion sick in the passenger seat or something? Haley's still trying to absorb everything. She says she can't believe she's about to ask Zeus to cure her son. Dean reminds her they won't be asking.

Soon after, everyone meets up on the factory floor, where a symbol has been painted on the ground. Dean mixes up some summoning brew and lights it with a match. You might think there'd be some Greek chanting involved, but you'd be wrong. Almost instantly, the lights flicker and a bolt of lightning delivers a man into the center of the symbol. He's wearing a nice suit and looks kind of like The Most Interesting Man in the World. (Narrator's voice over: He gives birth to his own children... with his forehead.) He flashes everyone a sly smile. "Come now, can't we do this civilized?" he purrs. Dean has either been designated as the one to confront Zeus or has just naturally fallen into this role. "All we need is to break a curse you put on a little kid." Zeus glances over at Oliver, but ignores Dean's demands. He turns to Prometheus. "Nice to see you again, Prometheus." Prometheus has a sharpened stick in one hand. It doesn't look especially charred, but whatever. "Break the curse," he says. Zeus realizes that the boy is Prometheus's son, which rather delights him.

Dean walks right up to the outer edge of the symbol. "So what's gonna be? The easy way, or we can do this the hard way." Dean, too, has a sharpened stick at the ready. Zeus should have taken one look at him, turned into an eagle and flown away with him. I mean, Dean makes Ganymede look like the Elephant Man. Zeus offers to cure the child, if they free him from the trap. Dean doesn't take the deal, and walks off like he's going to leave. Prometheus and Sam follow after him, but Haley has a moment of weakness and rubs out part of the symbol with the sole of her boot. Of course, the moment Zeus is free, he zaps the guys with lightning. Instead of being burnt to crisps, they go flying across the floor. "Shall we try this the hard way?" Zeus asks with a menacing chuckle.

While Zeus turns his attention to Oliver, Sam and Dean try to sneak up behind him with their pointy sticks. Artemis pops up and shoves them both back with a wave of her hand. Artemis and Prometheus trade looks. Sam notices this, even though he's behind a corner and the staging wouldn't seem to allow it, but whatever. Zeus again focuses on Oliver. "I must admit, I could never have conceived such a horrible fate for such a beautiful child," he says. "Just goes to show we must all leave room for happy accidents!" Haley really isn't catching on to what's going on here, and doesn't realize that Zeus has malevolent intentions even when he practically starts twirling his mustache. He holds Haley and Prometheus in place with his godly powers and kneels down in front of little Oliver. "I have a special job for you, my little friend." Zeus calls to Artemis, who then releases Sam and Dean from her grip.

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