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The Life Of A Hardy Boy Is Always Intense

In any event, Miss Nora quickly dug up the "strongest summoning [she'd] ever seen" -- a spell that "requires the blood of the exorcist" who originally banished the demon -- after which Psycho Jeffrey embarked upon his latest killing spree with the express goal of luring Our Intrepid Heroes back to Coeur d'Alene. "You see?" Miss Nora finishes, still more than a little weepy after that massive exposition dump she just unloaded into the audience's unsuspecting lap. "It's all part of Jeffrey's plan!" "Yeah, well, new plan," Darling Sammy curtly announces. "Tracking spell -- Bavarian, Egyptian, I don't care -- use the flesh of the body to find the body and Dean." With that, he shoves the eminently collectible antique wooden cigar box back into Miss Nora's hands. For her part, Miss Nora looks appalled at the very idea of deploying her only son's severed body part in so distasteful a manner, so Sam brutally lays it on the line for her like so: "Do you want the ear or the kid?" "You're giving me the chills!" Lucifer whispers, his eyes positively burning with infinite amounts of dreamy adoration, and did I not tell you Mark Pellegrino was even more of a sick twist tonight than he ever was in the past? Weirdo. And he's making me absolutely giddy.

Meanwhile, back at the warehouse, Psycho Jeffrey STILL WON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. Though even I have to admit that he gets in a pretty good line during this bit. When Dean politely inquires as to what kept Psycho Jeffrey from killing himself, Psycho Jeffrey earnestly replies, "Alan, at the house -- he's a really good rehab therapist! Really helped me focus on my goals, my attitude -- I have to say, I really benefited from the whole program!" Hee. And when that moment's passed, Psycho Jeffrey KEEPS FUCKING TALKING, though he does gather up a bowl of Dean's blood that he drained at some point during his near-endless monologue, and he eventually limps over to that shaggy mutt of his to escort the dog into a nearby room. 'Cause, you know, the summoning spell also requires a freshly-extracted doggy heart, and while this show has no problems eviscerating human beings right there on the screen, it turns into a total pussy when it comes time to hack some dumb animal to death. Whatever.

And when all that's been thus so discreetly dealt with, Psycho Jeffrey returns to start in with the Latination. Appropriately enough, the warehouse quivers and quakes during the spell, sending showers of dirt and crumbling masonry down upon their heads from the far-above ceiling, but once Psycho Jeffrey completes his recitation, everything just sort of grinds to a most unsatisfying halt.

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