Repo Man

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Demian: C- | 5 USERS: A-
The Life Of A Hardy Boy Is Always Intense

Until Son Of Nora snaps awake and violently breaks free from his chains, of course. DUN!

The kid's eyes have of course flipped beetle black by this point and, after he strips that pesky swatch of duct tape from his mouth, he allows the slightest flicker of a grin to cross his face as he breathes, "Hello, Jeffrey!" And with that, we all get booted into this evening's penultimate METAL TEETH CHOMP!, and to be honest with you, I might give this episode a B+ just because we've been getting the METAL TEETH CHOMP! at every single commercial break tonight. See? I'm not so hard to please after all.

Warehouse. Immediate aftermath. And we have now arrived at the portion of this evening's festivities in which This Week's Other Nefarious Villain Attempts To Talk Our Intrepid Hero To Death. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY? Long, long story short, tonight's anonymous pre-credits demon is actually one of Hell's talent scouts, and he exploited the raw talent he saw in Psycho Jeffrey to...whatever. I totally don't care. I mean, if they had introduced this concept back in the second or third season, when they were still building up all of their show-specific Hell mythology, I probably -- no, I definitely -- would have been a lot more engaged with it all, but throwing this at us now? After the grand scope of The Ceiling Demon's masterful plan has already been laid out for us? After we burned through both the angels and the abortive Armageddon? After we endured...whatever the shit last season was supposed to be? Nope. Forget it. Sorry, boys: You're way too late on this one.

So, yeah, we're gonna wrap this up fast: After tonight's anonymous pre-credits demon speechifies at length regarding his methods and motivations -- and after he takes Psycho Jeffrey on a fanciful spin around the warehouse floor because tonight's anonymous pre-credits demon is apparently as much of a dancing fool as Gaylord Wiener -- Darling Sammy and Miss Nora pop up from out of nowhere to ensnare tonight's anonymous pre-credits demon in a suddenly-appearing Devil's Trap that someone somehow managed to paint on the goddamned warehouse ceiling, and then Miss Nora exorcises Twinkle Toes right back to Hell, again, some more. Dashing El Deano, who'd by now long since broken free of his own chains, follows this up by whipping out his trusty pearl-handled revolver and shooting Psycho Jeffrey dead. And as Miss Nora gathers her grievously injured and now-depossessed son up in her arms, we're treated to a gape-mouthed reaction shot of Our Intrepid Heroes right before we head into this evening's final commercial break...most woefully CHOMP!-less? You dipshits. C-!

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