Repo Man

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The Life Of A Hardy Boy Is Always Intense

The demonically-enhanced gent directs Miss Havelock's attention to the discreetly covered corpse of his latest victim, which now lies sprawled across the cabin's kitchen table. After promising to similarly "scoop" "Nora "out like a pumpkin," he allows his eyes to flip beetle-black, which is enough to send the easily-affrighted Miss Nora scurrying back outside to her station wagon. Darling Sammy crosses to one of the windows to watch as Miss Nora speeds off into the night, then rejoins his brother in the center of the room to taunt at their remaining guest. Long story short, they've been pumping this anonymous minion for information on Lilith's current whereabouts, and thus far, they've gotten absolutely nowhere. In fact, the entire interrogation seems like it's about to take a sharp turn toward the totally pointless when the nameless demon allows the hapless sap he's possessing to surface for a moment -- the better to exploit Our Intrepid Heroes' sympathy for his victim's plight, apparently -- but unfortunately for the demon, he fails to realize that Our Intrepid Heroes stopped caring about those stupid enough to get their idiot selves possessed way back during Season One. You know, if I'm remembering it correctly. Which I'm probably not, but whatever.

It doesn't really matter, though, because once so temporarily freed by his Hell-sent tormenter, hapless sap "Jeffrey" takes one look at the rapidly-cooling corpse in the cabin's kitchen and immediately gives Sam and Dean his consent for whatever flesh-ripping tortures they've got planned for his body. How convenient. "Whatever you have to do, you have to do it," Jeffrey nods before adding a frantic and hopeless-sounding, "Please!" And with Jeffrey's permission for what follows thus officially granted, Our Intrepid Heroes proceed to stomp Jeffrey's demonically-enhanced ass. Mostly, it involves a lot of straight-up punching and slashing with a couple of lashes with the skin-searing holy water thrown in for good measure, though eventually Dean does pick up a cunning little silver mallet, which looks most promising, indeed. Unfortunately, before the bandy-legged little sadist gets a change to mash Possessed Jeffrey's knuckles to a pulp, the never-named demon's resolve caves, and he howls out that they'll find Lilith's primary lieutenant, "Merrick," in New Orleans. One quick cross-fade later, and we find Dashing El Deano angrily Latinating above Possessed Jeffrey's head until Possessed Jeffrey's neck snaps back so he might unleash a stream of bitterly black demonic foulness in the general direction of the cabin's ceiling. And in a comforting, old-school effects shot of the sort I hadn't realized I'd been missing until just now, the demon cloud doubles back on itself to swirl violently around the room for a moment before plowing straight toward this evening's...

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