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The Life Of A Hardy Boy Is Always Intense

...SNOT ROCKET!, and as you might have noticed from the distinct lack of lizardly shrieking during the above, Raoul The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon is still missing. My initial trip down to the wilds of Bay Ridge ended up with me smacking into one great big dead-end after another, so it's a good thing this show's about to head into another mini-hiatus after this evening's episode, 'cause it'll free up my nights to investigate further. I'm still not getting any goddamned help from the goddamned police, by the way. The bastards. I don't know, though -- a part of me's convinced bits of him are gonna start popping up in Dumpsters. Sigh.

Anyway, where the hell was I? Oh, yes: When the dripping is done, we return to the past to watch as Dashing El Deano speeds through the night in the much-missed Impala, intent on getting the now-depossessed Jeffrey to the nearest hospital, pronto. And once they arrive at the "EMERGENCY ENTRANCE" to "CDA REGIONAL," Dean hauls what's left of poor Jeffrey out of Metallicar's back seat to instruct the luridly bloody mess as follows: "No demon talk in the ER, you understand me? You were mugged." "Um. Thank you?" Jeffrey woozily replies while Dean wastes not an instant hopping back into the Impala, and as Dean drives off with nary another word, what's left of hapless Jeffrey staggers toward the...

..."Present Day," if that just-appearing location card is anything to go by. We're back in Coeur d'Alene, though instead of focusing on Jeffrey's progress at the moment, we watch as Our Intrepid Heroes let themselves into This Week's Motel Room, where Dashing El Deano takes a call from the ever-useless Frank Devereaux while Darling Sammy tries and fails to ignore the suddenly-appearing Mark Pellegrino, who materializes just long enough to insult the boys' current accommodations before vanishing in a fuzzy haze of static once Sam jams his thumb against his palm. Don't worry, though -- he'll be back, and he's even more of a sick twist tonight than he ever was in the past. But I'm getting ahead of myself, so we'll just wave bye-bye to Mark Pellegrino for now and listen in on Dean's phone conversation. And as that ends up being nothing more than a massive waste of time, let's skip ahead to the bit where Our Intrepid Heroes chit-chat about this evening's case, shall we? Excellent.

Basically, two more women have turned up ritually mutilated in much the same manner as the never-named demon's previous group of victims four years ago, so even though the never-named demon "should be down under until Trumpet Day" due to the fact that he "squealed on his superiors," Sam and Dean have little choice but to conclude that someone or something released the minion from Hell within the last week or so, and the foul fiend's now back to haunting his old hunting grounds. And even though "Trumpet Day" actually arrived at the end of Season Five, and even though the ever-delightful Crowley was never a big fan of Lilith in the first place and thus would have no reason to continue punishing an underling who turned against her, we'll just go with all of that and move on, because certain sections of tonight's so-called entertainment get to be excessively talky in the extreme, and I'd best save my typing fingers for those particular scenes later rather than ranting about worthless expository plot points now.

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