Repo Man

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The Life Of A Hardy Boy Is Always Intense

The next morning, Our Intrepid Heroes find themselves awakened by their trusty little portable police scanner, which belches out news of yet another ritualistic mutilation elsewhere in the city, so Sam and Dean shimmy into their FBI drag and proceed to...

...serve up some fierce Quantico realness over at the latest crime scene. The primary detective instantly remembers them as "The Drummer Boys" from four years ago, as they were using the aliases "Bonham" and "Watts" at the time, and awkwardness ensues when it becomes clear that both Darling Sammy and Dashing El Deano have forgotten the primary detective's name. Rude! Fortunately, Lucifer materializes beside one of the flashing Kootenai County ambulances to offer Darling Sammy a crucial memory assist, and Sam extends a friendly hand to "Detective Sutton" before turning his attention toward the fresh corpse now littering the pavement. The case-related nattering that follows utterly fails to capture my attention -- partly because I'm already aware of the basic facts, but mainly because Mark Pellegrino is now sticking a petulant forked tongue out at the back of Darling Sammy's head, which: Hee! -- but Sam and Dean do eventually find telltale traces of noxious sulfur near the fresh corpse, so they decide to visit...

...the easily-affrighted Miss Nora from the pre-credits sequence. Miss Nora invites the boys into her tastefully-appointed apartment, and we learn that since Sam and Dean last spoke to her, Miss Nora's taken to running a rather profitable Internet mail-order business from her home, selling "white-magic herbs and talismans" when she's not busy "translating some very old banishments." But that's not important right now because what is important right now is the fact that she's well aware of the recent spate of ritualistic mutilations, thank you very much, and as soon as she settles some as-yet-unspecified business in town, she's getting her freshly-endangered ass out of there. "Good choice," Dean solemnly nods, as if his goddamn opinion on the subject actually meant something. "Have you found Jeffrey yet?" Miss Nora somewhat nervously inquires, slyly changing the topic of conversation for reasons that shall become apparent much later in the episode. "Who?" Dean dims, so Miss Nora's forced to remind them of the hapless schmuck they almost beat to death four years ago. Dean's all, "Oh, that Jeffrey!" and seems more than prepared to leave it at that until Miss Nora prompts, "Some demons tend to be sentimental, don't they -- always go back to the same host if they can?" "It's a start," Sam shrugs. Dim Dean's eyes glaze over, and he drops his lower jaw to mouth-breathe at us for a few very long moments until the camera decides to zip on over to...

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