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The Life Of A Hardy Boy Is Always Intense

Coeur d'Alene Public Library. Darling Sammy wanders in and takes a seat directly opposite Marjorie Willis's desk. Unfortunately for him, Lucifer materializes to physically block Darling Sammy's view of the imperiled librarian, and there's an amusing bit of business wherein Darling Sammy tries to scoot over a little bit to peer around Mark Pellegrino's massive head, only to have Lucifer lean over for another block. "Talk to me," Lucifer eventually pleads, like he's some doleful ex-boyfriend Darling Sammy heartlessly kicked to the curb on little more than a selfish whim. "It's been months!" Darling Sammy responds by primly pursing his lips and deliberately staring off in a different direction. That was thrilling.

Meanwhile, back at the halfway house, Stupid Jeffrey's filling Dashing El Deano in on the tawdry details of his pathetic life since last they met, and long story short, Stupid Jeffrey got his dumb self locked up in the nuthouse after he failed to follow Dashing El Deano's sage advice and actually told people about his weeks-long romp with a dark demonic force sent from the flaming maw of Hell. Yeah, I totally called that one. Not that it matters -- at all -- but still. Sucks to be you, Stupid Jeffrey! Maybe next time you won't be so eager to yak people to death. In any event, after a couple of minutes of that, Stupid Jeffrey finally thinks to drop the following bombshell: Tonight's anonymous pre-credits demon "had this special place" "where he nested." "Why didn't you tell us this?" Dean growls, quite rightfully peeved over the fact that Stupid Jeffrey decided to withhold this vital piece of information until just this very instant. "I didn't want to go!" Stupid Jeffrey feebly protests by way of response. "You don't have to go!" Dean eyerolls. "We'll handle it!" he insists, of course referring to himself and Sam. "I do!" Stupid Jeffrey counters, his Manson Lamps suddenly and quite hilariously all aglow. "I have to!" Stupid Jeffrey vehemently continues, in psychotic tones that clearly will brook no dissent. Dashing El Deano's left with little choice but to gawp at the obviously unhinged milquetoast on the halfway house sofa, and with that, we hurtle back over to...

...the library, where Darling Sammy studiously continues to avoid making eye contact with Lucifer until...a nearby patron slams her head against a desk with a meaty THWACK! And in what is easily this evening's most entertaining sequence, the scorned Lucifer sits off to one side with an impish grin on his angelic face while half the people in the library follow that initial patron's lead, thumping their heads repeatedly against their various desks until their own faces have been reduced to little more than bright, bloody, toothless smears of mangled flesh and cartilage. It is deeply awesome. Well, you know, compared to the paltry amounts of gore we've gotten thus far this season, at any rate. Unfortunately, Darling Sammy quickly realizes these wanton acts of unrepentant self-inflicted violence are nothing more than a Lucifer-induced hallucination, and he once again presses his thumb against the palm of his hand to make them all go away. Jackass. And when the face-pummeling thumping has vanished, Darling Sammy once again ignores his Hellish boyfriend's many pleadings in favor of watching as a leather-jacketed gent follows the presumably-imperiled Marjorie Willis into a remote corner of the library. DUN!

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