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The Life Of A Hardy Boy Is Always Intense

...Miss Nora's tastefully-appointed apartment, where we watch as Darling Sammy picks the lock, tippy-toes through the outer room, and...WHAMMO! A visibly jittery yet undeniably cunning Miss Nora whacks Darling Sammy over the head with a candlestick. Fortunately for Our Intrepid Hero, the feeble blow does little more than knock him just a teensy bit off-balance for a second, and he quickly recovers to overpower her, after which he confronts her with the evidence of her collusion with Stupid Jeffrey. Miss Nora, instantly chastened, collapses onto a sofa to commence with the copious weeping and whatnot, and eventually -- after Sam obediently follows Lucifer's advice and threatens her with actual violence -- she blurts out, "It's my son! He has my son!" Dimwit Sammy's all, "The demon?" to which Miss Nora impatiently replies, "Not the demon, you fucking idiot! Jeffrey!" Dun-dun-DUN!

Cut to the warehouse, where we find Dean already alert and recovered from whatever the hell Psycho Jeffrey jabbed into his neck a couple of scenes ago. He seems no worse for the wear at all as he fidgets against the ropes now lashing him to a chair of his very own, and we have now arrived at the portion of this evening's festivities in which This Week's Nefarious Villain Attempts To Talk Our Intrepid Hero To Death. Why didn't they cancel this show a year and a half ago? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

And because I have zero interest in transcribing precisely what Psycho Jeffrey has to say at this juncture, I'll be cutting to the chase, such as it is: Long story short, Psycho Jeffrey actually enjoyed being possessed by tonight's anonymous pre-credits demon -- he in fact refers to said demon as "the love of my life" at one point -- but lest we think the demon fundamentally altered Psycho Jeffrey in some perverse way, he makes it very clear that he was teetering on the edge of sanity long before the demon entered the picture all those many years ago. In fact, it was Psycho Jeffrey who originally came up with that list of victims -- a list he compiled while working his mail route, natch -- and it was only after the demon took control of his body that he was able to, as he more or less puts it, "live up to [his] true potential" and start offing those women. "He's the one who saved me," Psycho Jeffrey eventually concludes, of course referring to his little demon friend, "and you sent him to Hell!"

Miss Nora's. More talking. Basically, Miss Nora tried to remain friends with Psycho Jeffrey after the exorcism four years ago, but Psycho Jeffrey rebuffed all of her advances until just recently, when he showed up on her doorstep unannounced to begin babbling about yanking his extra-special demon friend out of Hell. Miss Nora quite naturally told him to seek professional help, and it was at that point that Psycho Jeffrey kidnapped her son from the latter's college dorm room and threatened to slit the kid open from stomach to sternum if Miss Nora didn't provide him with an appropriate summoning spell immediately. Miss Nora hastily complied, but when that first spell failed to work, Psycho Jeffrey responded by shipping her the kid's ear -- in an eminently collectible antique wooden cigar box, no less, which Miss Nora now produces from a desk drawer to hand over to Sam.

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