Road Trip

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"The Poor, Giant Baby is in Trouble Again"
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For the previouslies, we get a "Road So Far" instead of a "THEN." Do they always do that after the winter hiatus? Anyway, the season began with Sam and his hair in a coma because those trials really packed a wallop. Dean couldn't leave well enough alone, so he asked the angels for help. Tahmoh Penikett showed up pretending to be a nice angel named Ezekiel, and offered to heal Sam from the inside. Now, as you'll recall, angels can't possess people without their consent, so Dean tricked Sam into letting Ezekiel get all up in him, demonstrating once again that this show doesn't even slightly understand the concept of consent. Castiel got tricked, too, when he trusted Metatron about fixing Heaven or whatever the hell it was. Metatron stole Castiel's grace, so he had to live life as a human for a couple of episodes. Then Metatron got bored in an empty Heaven and came down to ask for Ezekiel's help opening it back up for a few select angels. This was undoubtedly a lie, because the spell he worked in the first place is supposedly irreversible. Also, it turned out that Ezekiel was actually an angel named Gadreel, which means "he who loves to flare his nostrils." Metatron demanded proof of his loyalty, so Gadreel fricasseed Kevin Tran while Dean watched helplessly. Meanwhile, the angels were fighting amongst themselves, and the demons were fighting amongst themselves. Castiel stole some asshole angel's grace to get his mojo back, because that's an entirely possible thing, apparently.

In the present day, Dean has built a fairly elaborate pyre. While Bob Seger sings "The Famous Final Scene," Dean watches Kevin's body burn. The camera spends the requisite amount of time lingering over Dean's sad expression in the firelight before moving down to the bunker. Dean stares at the spot on the floor where Kevin fell. He picks up Kevin's phone, pushes a button to show a picture of the late prophet and his mother. "Everything must have an end," sings Bob, clearly not referring to the Winchester angst, which not even the heat death of the universe will be able to extinguish. Dean hurls the phone across the floor, then has one of those obligatory "sweep everything off the nearest table" fits of despair and anger. He even tosses one of the library's lovely vintage chairs, but finds no satisfaction in this or anything else.

The winged title card flaps us away to the backstage environs of some rock concert in the offing. An unseen crowd screams for their idol. "Corey! Corey! Corey!" Apparently it's some guy named Corey. You might expect Corey to be some kind of crazy sex-god with that kind of enthusiasm. You'd be wrong. The guy strolling down the hall towards us with studied boredom looks like Chaka from Land of the Lost in a black PVC jacket. Seriously, what in the hell with that hair? His manager walks him to his dressing room, blathering directions about his set that night. All his songs have the word "baby" in the title. It would have been a funnier joke on a show not known for its repetitiveness. As they push into the dressing room, they find something that looks like Sam Winchester. The manager calls for security, but Corey waves off her concern and shuts her out of the room.

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