Road Trip

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Tippi Blevins: C+ | 156 USERS: A
"The Poor, Giant Baby is in Trouble Again"

In the real world, Gadreel explodes out of Sam's mouth...

...and lands back in his original vessel, back in that bar, with said vessel's permission. Metatron, watching the whole transaction, smirks. "Let me guess. Winchester trouble?"

Now it's Crowley's turn to leave Sam's body and get back into his own. Is it his own body, or a meat suit? Anyway, everybody is where they're supposed to be. Finally. Dean and Castiel rush over to Sam and pluck out all the jabby things. All seems well until a car pulls up outside. Castiel takes a look through a window. "It's Abaddon!" Dean's face goes, "Oh shit." Crowley volunteers to hold her off while the other escapes, which just makes Dean's face even more confused. Crowley even helpfully hands Dean his knapsack of supplies. "This don't make it square," Dean warns. "I see you again –" "I'm dead," Crowley finishes for him. "Yes, I know. I love you, too." Dean glares at him, but gets the hell out of there.

Crowley then perches in the torture chair for the sole purpose of being able to turn around in dramatic fashion when Abaddon and her minions walk into the room. "Hello, darling," he purrs. "Bring me his head," she says to her minions. They look at each other, then at their boss, but make no move towards Crowley. "See, that's the thing about demons," Crowley says. "They're only obedient to a point." Crowley gives a moving political speech about the pain of the average demon. For him it's a campaign, while Abaddon just wants to fight. "See, demons have a choice," he goes on. "Take orders from the world's angriest ginger – and that's saying something – or join my team, where everyone gets a say, a virgin, and all the entrails they can eat!" Well, it's not quite "a chicken in every pot" as far as slogans go, but the demons seem enticed. Crowley snaps his fingers and disappears for parts unknown, while Abaddon fumes in silence.

For their final scene, the Winchesters and Castiel pick a dramatic-looking bridge over a dark and fog-draped body of water. Castiel passes his hand over Sam's brow, wiping away his freshest wounds. "Feel better?" he asks. "A little," Sam says, bobbing and weaving like he's drunk. Then, because the setting wasn't quite moody enough, it begins to rain. "All right, let me hear it," Dean says. "What do you want me to say – I'm pissed?" Sam asks. Now, this is where you might have expected Sam's recent epiphany about Dean's history of taking care of him might come into play. You might expect him to say, "Yeah, I'm pissed, and you did a stupid, terrible thing, and it's going to take me a while to forgive you, but I understand you were trying to save my life, because you're a weird, codependent, over-invested freak with generally good intentions." But this is Supernatural, and it's never going to let the Winchesters out of their infinite loop. So instead Sam focuses on the wrong thing, about Dean taking away his right to die when he was ready, when Sam could have still gone off with Capital-D Death, but chose to let his brother help him. It was only the method of that help he didn't get to choose, and that was wrong and stupid, but he did choose to live.

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