Road Trip

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"The Poor, Giant Baby is in Trouble Again"

Sam frets over Kevin's death. "That's not on you," Dean says. "Kevin's blood is on my hands, and that ain't ever getting clean. I'll burn for that, I will, but I'll find Gadreel, and I will end that sonofabitch. But I'll do it alone." Dean goes on about how he's poison and hurts everybody and people die because of him and blah blah blah self-esteem issues. "I can't -- I won't -- drag anybody through the muck with me, not anymore," he says. Sam frowns. His hair flaps in the wind. "Go," he says. "I'm not gonna stop you." Castiel, who's been watching them from some distance down the bridge, looks at them like, "I sure do love those miserable, idiotic Winchesters, but man, are they ever miserable and idiotic." Dean starts down the bridge toward the Impala. "Don't go thinking that's a problem, because it's not," Sam calls after him. "What's that supposed to mean?" Dean asks. Sam declines to explain, so Dean drives off into the night while sad, sad music plays, and the rain continues to fall and distant thunder rumbles. It is utterly exhausting, but at least it's over, for now.

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