Road Trip

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"The Poor, Giant Baby is in Trouble Again"

"Hello, Gadreel," he says. "Hideous," says Gadreel by way of greeting. Wait. Let me play that again with the CC on. "Thaddeus," says Gadreel. "That's a new look, I must say." As opposed to a giant, winged pillar of energy? Yes, I imagine so. "Why be an angel when you can be a god?" brags Thaddeus. They stand around gabbing for a bit, revealing that Thaddeus tortured Gadreel back during his stint in Heaven's prison. "It was my job," Thaddeus says, excusing his atrocities. "What you did to Abner... was that your job?" asks Gadreel. "Oh, your boyfriend," Thaddeus recalls. "Nah, that was just fun!" Gadreel flares his borrowed nostrils. Thaddeus figures his former prisoner must be there looking for revenge, so he very sloooowly meanders over to where he normally keeps his angel blade, only to find it missing. Gadreel is like, "Looking for this?" He stabs Thaddeus with his own blade and watches stone-faced as he slumps to the floor, dead. Poor Thaddeus. He survived the dinosaurs and the Sleestaks, only to meet his end like this.

I bet this is going to have serious consequences for Sam. This "Corey" dude was obviously pretty famous, and Sam is kind of distinctive-looking. That manager lady will identify him to the police and there will be a nationwide manhunt, and... Ha ha ha! Just kidding. Nobody's ever going to mention this again.

Back at the bunker, Dean is packing himself an overnight bag for his next thrilling adventure when Castiel appears behind him. Now, supposedly Castiel and the other angels are wingless and that's why they're using mundane modes of transportation, but Castiel's arrival was accompanied by the familiar fluffle of feathers. Perhaps he can only fly short distances, not unlike the domesticated turkey. Dean seams happy to see him, or as happy as possible, under the circumstances. "Look at you, all suited up and back in the game." Somewhere en route, Castiel has procured himself a new coat, much shorter than his old one, but neglected to replace his neck tie after his recent torture session. "I came as soon as you called," Castiel says. He starts to say more, but notices the aftermath of Dean's outburst. Particularly sad is the crust from Kevin's old peanut butter sandwich lying on the floor. "Dean, what happened? What's wrong?" Castiel asks. They exchange long, sad looks as the camera pans over...

...and picks up with them a short time later, after Dean has had a chance to tell his story. "Sammy was dying," he wraps up. "What was I supposed to do?" Let him die and then go get Benny out of Purgatory! Duh! Castiel looks terribly sad, but not especially judgmental about the whole thing. Then a thought occurs to him: "If the angel possessing Sam isn't Ezekiel, then who is it?" "Dead man walking," Dean answers. Castiel points out he would have to kill Sam in order to kill the angel possessing him. Sounds like a win-win situation! Dean seems resigned to the possibility, because the alternative is letting him waste away to nothing inside his own body. "God, I am so damn stupid," he grumbles. "You were stupid for the right reasons," Castiel assures him. Heh.

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