Road Trip

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"The Poor, Giant Baby is in Trouble Again"

Somewhere nearby, a woman is feeding her adorable little Jack Russell out on the sidewalk when the Three Stooges hike past. She seems oddly disturbed by the sight of them. Now, as Dean and the gang walk up to the car, it's facing away from the bunker. Did Castiel drive there backwards? Did he overshoot his destination by a few miles? Maybe he was going to go shopping for a new neck tie when he ran out of gas. Anyway, Crowley scoffs at Castiel's chosen vehicle, which is a shiny golden behemoth of an old Continental. "What are you, a pimp?" Crowley asks. While Dean refuels the pimp mobile, Crowley wonders why Castiel needed a car at all. Castiel declines to answer, instead saying, "When you betray us, I'll be the one to carve out your heart." Of course, threats just turn Crowley on. Dean rolls his eyes at their exchange. They then proceed to bicker like little kids on a road trip, which just seems a bit tone deaf for the episode. Didn't this show used to be better about blending comedic moments with the dramatic? It's lost that balance.

In some dim bar that looks like every other bar set the show has ever used, Metatron sits sipping a refreshing cocktail. The only thing that separates this from every other bar is that the bartender is Gadreel's former vessel. Sweet Lucifer in the cage, thank you! Surely this means that by the end of the episode we'll no longer be subjected to Padalecki's weird, stilted delivery as the angel. Oh, hey, speak of the wooden devil! Gadreel plunks himself down next to Metatron and hands over the tablets he pilfered from the bunker. He casts an odd look at his former vessel. Is he confused? Wistful? Is his seat uncomfortable? "It's strange seeing an old vessel, isn't it?" muses Metatron. Hey, speaking of which: Why doesn't Gadreel just go back to that guy? Now that he's gotten everything he needs out of the bunker, what's the point of keeping Sam's bod? Is he afraid he won't get his deposit back if he breaks the lease? Also, shouldn't he know everything that Sam knows, and therefor that Metatron's spell is irreversible?

The topic of conversation turns to Gadreel's latest assignments. "Killing Thaddeus was easy," he says. "He had it coming." He admits killing Kevin wasn't quite as easy, but at least he won't have any more prophets on his list. Metatron says he "flipped a switch upstairs" and now there won't be any more of them. That sounds... stupidly easy. "What about Dean Winchester?" Metatron asks. "You never gave me his name!" protests Gadreel. Metatron rolls his eyes like he can't believe this dumbass. "It's not like you haven't done worse before," he reminds Gadreel. Gadreel flaps Sam's nostrils with such force that he very nearly takes flight. Metatron apologizes for bringing it up, then hands over a cocktail napkin with "Alexander Sarver" written on it. Gadreel protests having to kill more people, but Metatron shuts him down. He reminds Gadreel that he's going to be his second-in-command. "You have to prove you're ready," he says. It's like one of those reality shows where contestants have to do increasingly stupid and/or awful things to get the job.

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