Road Trip

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"The Poor, Giant Baby is in Trouble Again"

Meanwhile, back in Kansas, that adorable little Jack Russell is dead and her blood has replaced the kibble in her bowl. Man, as if this show wasn't already on my shit list for its history with dogs. Little Muffins' erstwhile mistress still has blood on her hands as she raises the bowl and begins to chant in Latin. The blood bubbles in response. "Abaddon, I found him," says the dog-killing demon. "Crowley's on the move." Also, how did the dog not realize her mistress was possessed? My Jack Russell growls at me if I put on a hat he's never seen before.

After driving all through the night, the Three Stooges find themselves in the sterile white lobby of some place called Waldroff Financial. "Your source is in here?" scoffs Dean. "And she can track anything you need," Crowley says. "Even our little lost Samantha." And yet, somehow, the demons have always had such a hard time finding anybody they're looking for. He explains the place is secretly an NSA listening post. He has one of his minions working on the inside. A security guard comes to take Crowley back to meet his source, but refuses to let the others tag along. "I'll be listening to every word you say," Castiel warns. "Promise?" Crowley tosses back. Castiel pouts. In other news, becoming an angel again has vastly improved his hairstyle. He no longer looks like he's waiting to have his class picture taken.

The guard takes Crowley to an office presided over by a woman who looks kind of like a young Mary McDonnell. "Cecily, how are you?" he asks. "Better than you," she says, pointing out his odd choice in traveling companions. Cecily spends some time marveling over just how much hotter Castiel is now that he's an angel again, which, you know, right on, sister. This is the first Crowley has heard of Castiel spending time as a human being, so he asks for all the deets.

Back in the lobby, Castiel can't hear anything because Cecily's office is warded. It's too bad, because she's saying some very flattering things, like...

"So Captain Sexy out there totally cuts another angel's throat, yoinks out his grace, and now he's got his mojo back! Minus the broken wings." That explains the pimp mobile. "And you know this... how?" Crowley asks. "I tuned one of our satellites to pick up Angel Radio," she says. This will miraculously never have happened the next time the writers need to keep the demons in the dark about the angels' bidness. They eventually getting around to talking about Hell, which is in quite a state of disarray. Some of the demons are on Abaddon's side, she says, but most of them are just waiting to see who wins. "They're still afraid of me," Crowley guesses. "Probably because they don't know you're in cuffs," she says. He holds out his hands to show her said cuffs, which had heretofore remained hidden under a folded coat. "Do they come off?" he asks. "Not without the key," she tells him. They look like regular handcuffs with a few symbols etched into them. With a sigh, he asks her to find the Impala. For a demon, she turns out to be a terrible liar, and has to admit she's actually playing both sides.

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