Road Trip

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"The Poor, Giant Baby is in Trouble Again"

To Dean and Castiel's surprise, Crowley returns to the lobby with the information they need. "Your phallus on wheels just ran a red light in Somerset, Pennsylvania," he says, handing over a printout. Luckily, this isn't one of those times when Dean needs words defined for him.

Somerset. Gadreel creeps up behind some guy tending to his garden. "Alexander Sarver?" he asks. "Yeah," the guy says. It's only when he turns around that Gadreel recognizes him. He had been reaching for his angel blade, but leaves it hidden. It's his old friend Abner. Abner recognizes him, too, and they stand there for several moments, smiling in wonder and relief. Well, Abner smiles. Gadreel sort of freezes. A little girl runs up to Abner, crying, "Daddy, Daddy!" He picks her up, laughing. "This is daddy's best friend," he introduces them. He asks Gadreel to come back a few hours later, because he and his family are just on their way to a movie. Gadreel's face spasms as it attempts to settle into a smile.

Suddenly, it's a few hours later. I wonder what movie they saw? Gadreel and Abner sit in a cozy little study, in chairs that are too small for either of them. There's a lot of sitting around and talking. Even in an episode about hunting down an angel with a stolen body, this show can't get away from its love of a good sit. Do the directors just hate blocking scenes? "You have changed," Gadreel notes. "Yeah, well, I was a crappy angel," Abner says. "I deserted my post, spent 700 years in Heaven's lockup!" He realizes he's getting kind of fired up over things all over again, and calms himself back down. "It doesn't matter," he says. "We're a long way from Thaddeus now." Gadreel perks up and says, "I killed him! I got our revenge!" He clearly expects Abner to take some pleasure in this, and is surprised when he does not. Abner would rather move on with his new life and forget about the past. His vessel was, in his words, an abusive ass, although it's still kind of gross to be impersonating him with his wife and kid. Abner inadvertently seals his fate with this advice: "The key to happiness is getting the one thing you want most, and never letting it go."

Dean and Castiel arrive some time later to find the front door unlocked. Abner lies dead in the entryway, his throat slit from ear to ear. There's rather a lot more blood than when angels have been killed in the past. Dean follows the sound of running water to the kitchen, where Gadreel is washing blood from Sam's hands. Where are the wife and kids during all of this? Gadreel senses Dean's presence. "You should not have come here," he says. "You killed my friend," Dean reminds him in his growliest voice. "You took my brother, and you think I'm gonna let that stand?" He charges at him with an angel blade in one hand. Gadreel waves him into a bookshelf. This was all just a distraction designed to allow Castiel to sneak up behind Gadreel, whom he then punches in the face hard enough to knock him out cold. The camera decides to just linger on Castiel for a long time as he overlooks his handiwork, because why not?

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