Road Trip

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"The Poor, Giant Baby is in Trouble Again"

Back at the NSA listening post, Cecily has called in Abaddon to fill her in on Crowley's recent visit. "You helped Crowley?" Abaddon asks. "I'm kinda playing both sides until someone – until you win," Cecily says. Damn, minions are dumb. Then, instead of smoking out of her body when she realizes Abaddon is going to kill her, she just sits there like a scared little rabbit and lets herself get killed.

Now, what the hell kind of place have the Three Stooges procured? It looks like some kind of old factory or abandoned plant of the dilapidated sort the show seems to favor. But it has like a torture chair set up in the middle of it, into which Gadreel has been bound, and a rusty medical cabinet and instrument tray. Crowley waits in a chair just opposite, although his looks like the regular sittin' kind. Mmm.... sittin'. Castiel looks over this thing that looks like Sam. Sam's body is mostly healed, he says, but he doesn't recognize the angel inhabiting it. "What's your name?" he asks. "Why would I tell you anything?" Gadreel snits. "I don't give a damn who you are," Dean growls. He orders the intruder out, but Gadreel threatens to kill Sam. Again, why doesn't he just flit off to another vessel? Shouldn't the Stooges be asking that? "You want this to end? Go ahead, put a blade through your brother's heart," Gadreel taunts. Dean, who's been looking pretty tough up to this point, gives himself away with a flinch. Of course he's not going to kill Sam. "If it makes you feel better, I have Sam locked away in a dream," Gadreel says. "As far as he knows, the two of you are working a case... Something with ghouls and cheerleaders." He seems pretty pleased with himself. I'm just relieved it wasn't something with sexy dogs.

"Why are you doing this?" Dean asks. He's not asking why Sam?, but why are you killing people? "I am doing what I have to do," Gadreel says. "Well, so am I," Dean says. He gives the signal to Crowley, who picks up something that looks like an awl and jabs it into Gadreel's stolen forehead.

Time passes. More jabbing happens. Gadreel screams and gasps and pants like he's about to give birth to a sumo wrestler. Castiel and Dean take turns pacing, until Dean can't take it anymore and heads for the far end of... whatever the hell this place is. Castiel follows him. "I can't watch that anymore," Dean says. The screams still reach them. "How are you doing?" Dean asks. "You want to talk about me now?" Castiel asks, baffled. "I wanna talk about anything that isn't demons sticking needles in my brother's brain," Dean says. He apologizes to Castiel for kicking him out of the bunker, and for keeping the truth from him. Castiel is very understanding about the whole thing, reminding Dean that he, too, made his share of mistakes. "So you're saying we're a couple of dumbasses," Dean says. "I prefer the word 'trusting," Castiel says. "Less dumb, less ass." Oh, all right: heh.

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