Road Trip

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"The Poor, Giant Baby is in Trouble Again"

Crowley calls them back over. "Pinhead's out cold, but watch this!" He pinches together two of the jabby things. Without opening his eyes, Gadreel mumbles something that sounds like... "Xena, Yoko, Yeehaw, Gadreel." Crowley pinches again to shut him up. Castiel suddenly understands why he didn't recognize him: "He's been in prison since the dawn of time." Almost 14 billion years, eh? No wonder he's a nutcase! Seriously, though, who knows what the show considers the dawn of time? "Gadreel was the sentry who allowed Lucifer into the Garden," Castiel explains for the kids at home. "All of it's his fault! The corruption of Man! Demons! Hell! God left because of him! The archangels, the Apocalypse..." He's considerably less understanding of Gadreel's mistakes than he was of Dean's, or of Sam's when it was his turn to accidentally give Lucifer safe passage. He starts shaking the unconscious Gadreel like a recalcitrant Etch a Sketch. "You ruined the universe, you damn sonofabitch!" Dean pulls him away and makes him focus on the task at hand. Also, quit being such a drama queen, Cass! He only ruined Earth. Saturn is probably fine.

Crowley goes back to fiddling with Gadreel's knobs, without the intended result. The angel wakes up again with a gasp. "It won't work," he says. "You'll never find your brother." At least they found his ability to use contractions. It was getting damned annoying hearing him talk like Data all the time. He brags that he can take many more years of this torture, but Dean's had enough. "Cass, you gotta possess him," he says. "Tell Sam what's going on, help him kick that lying sonofabitch out!" Castiel reminds him of that whole "angels need permission" thing, which seems silly since they got around that rule once before. Just trick Sam again! You already know he's up for it!

"Ahem," Crowley ahems. He raises his hand in a volunteering spirit. "Not happening," Dean says. "Don't be daft," Crowley says. "Demons can take what they want. I can burrow into that rat's nest of hair, I can wake Sam up." He wants his freedom in return. Dean thinks it over, looking like he wants to vomit the whole time, before asking Castiel to burn off Sam's tattoo. Castiel protests, but there's no changing Dean's mind. He turns to Crowley. "If you try anything –" Crowley reminds him he keeps his bargains. "Besides, I don't wanna be inside your brother any longer than I have to," he says. "I'm not one for sloppy seconds."

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