Road Trip

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Tippi Blevins: C+ | 156 USERS: A
"The Poor, Giant Baby is in Trouble Again"

He returns to his chair and Dean removes his shackles. True to his word, he doesn't just snap his fingers and vanish. "When you find Sam, say 'Poughkeepsie'," Dean tells him. "It's our go-word. It means drop everything and run." Crowley spews out a swirling cloud of red smoke that snakes its way into Sam's mouth. Seems like having an angel and a demon inside at the same time would be like some kind of catastrophic matter-antimatter thing. Kaboom! But all that happens is that Sam's body goes limp.

Dean paces between Crowley and Sam. "A demon and an angel walk into my brother," he grumps. "Sounds like a bad joke." I think the word you're looking for is "episode," but whatever.

Inside Sam's mind, everything looks even grittier and more de-saturated than usual. He pores over books in the mental version of the bunker, trying to figure out why the ghouls are going after dead cheerleaders. He suddenly realizes that Crowley is standing beside him, and vaults up out of his chair, shouting for an unseen Dean. "Poughkeepsie," Crowley says. Sam calms down just a tad. "How do you know that word?" he asks. Well, it's a fairly well-known city. Crowley explains everything to Sam, who remains understandably doubtful. Crowley picks up a gun and shoots him, leaving no mark. "See? Not real," he says. He tells Sam to remember everything he's seen while under possession, everything the angel saw while he was in charge. Sam flashes back to the hospital, to Gadreel's conversations with Dean. He suddenly remembers killing Kevin Tran. "You need to take control," Crowley says. "Blow it up, and cast that punk-ass holy roller out!"

Sam looks up and sees Gadreel's first vessel standing behind Crowley. Why would he look like that? Wouldn't he look like Sam? Or wouldn't he just kill Sam as he threatened to do, instead of bothering with a showdown? "Who are you?" Sam asks. "His name is Gadreel – the original chump," Crowley says. "Was a chump," Gadreel corrects him, "and now I'm going to be the one who leads my kind back to Heaven." Crowley punches him, but it has less impact than a gnat slapping someone with its wings. Gadreel backhands him and sends him flying across the room. Sam should probably be like, "Dude, get out of my body!" But instead he hurls himself at the intruder, who flips him over the nearest table. Fisticuffs ensue. "Cast him out!" Crowley cheers from the sidelines. Eventually, Sam manages to pin Gadreel under his gigantic boot. "Get! The hell! Out!"

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