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The Hardy Boys Realize Hope Floats

Back at the Manse, the boys barge into the kitchen from outdoors to babble at each other about their current predicament until Sam quite fortuitously stumbles across a relevant clue in that photo album from earlier, and oh, gross. Right beneath the pertinent snapshot of Jonah and the missus posing outside his hunting cabin (which was apparently as decrepit when he was alive as it is now, fifteen years after his death), we can see a yellow Post-It upon which Jonah had penned, "Marion I love you XXX OOO more as I write this than i did last night when we spoke with Deep and tender love." That's the sort of crap that made Molly all misty-eyed and verklempt? Maybe she deserves to die. "No question about it!" Raoul shrieks in agreement. "I am sickened and repulsed! That is absolutely the most disgusting thing I've ever seen on this show!" I'm inclined to agree with you, my scaly friend. In any event, Sam notes while the date of the photograph in question was two weeks before Jonah got his redneck self splattered all over the highway, he "could swear there's a tree there" now, "right where they're standing." Dean does not immediately go, "Um, duuuuuuuuuh, College Boy! It's a fucking forest, for Christ's sake! There are goddamned trees everywhere that weren't around in 1992!" Instead, he allows Sam to ponder this particularly perplexing conundrum for a minute until Sam arrives at the only logical conclusion: "Sure! It's an old country custom, Dean! Planting a tree as a grave marker!" Beat. Dean: "You're like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness." Hee. Dean bow-leggedly stompy-clomps on out of there, leaving Sam to bumble about for a bit before following.

Over in the hunting cabin, Grisly Greeley's already roped Molly's hands together and lashed them above her head to one of the meat hooks hanging from the ceiling. She's barely able to touch the floor with the tips of her toes, here, which is far more disturbing an image than you might imagine it would be. In any event, Molly immediately demands to see her husband. Grisly Greeley, in low, gravelly tones, coolly replies, "You shouldn't be worried about him anymore." "Oh, my God," Molly breathes, quickly losing it as the camera leaps in on her anguished and terrified face. "You should," Grisly Greeley continues as the shot cuts over to him, "worry about yourself." Greeley's played by an apparently well-known character actor in Canada named Winston Rekert, and I have to say, the guy's got a pair of uncommonly kind eyes he's putting to uncommonly incongruous use in this scene, to most awesome and creepy effect. Forget the Manson Lamps -- it's always so much worse when a guy whose facial expression codes "cuddly grandpa" goes berserker on some bit of Monster Chow's ass. Anyway, Molly protests that she's done nothing to deserve Grisly Greeley's wrath. Grisly Greeley responds to this assertion by raising a luridly bloodstained finger into the air and tut-tutting her as if she were a particularly bothersome child. "I know about your wife!" Molly pleads desperately as Greeley lightly draws that bloodstained hand down her cheek and across her throat. "Hurting me won't bring her back!" Molly continues. With his fingers tapping on her neck, Greeley intones, "My wife is gone. All I got left's hurtin' you." And with that, he slices one of his filthy fingernails through the skin atop her collarbone, gouging a bloody red trench through her flesh in the process. His eyes crinkle as he then smiles at her, and as she begs to be set free, he ambles around her twisting form before answering her pleas with, "You're not gonna leave. You're never gonna leave." Grisly Greeley gouges another trench through her stomach just as Our Intrepid Heroes finally arrive outside. Sam quickly identifies the memorial tree planted by Greeley's deceased wife and orders Dean inside to snatch Molly away from the fiend while he himself salts and burns Greeley's bones. Dean's all, "Righty-o," and darts inside the cabin to blast another round of rock salt into Greeley's head. Given the fact that Greeley seemed to be standing directly between Molly and Dean when this happens, I have no idea why that round would not then smack Molly square in her face, but again: WHATEVER!

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