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The Hardy Boys Realize Hope Floats

Afterwards, out on the highway, Dean tiredly lopes up to the Impala and pets it, sighing, "Oh, baby, it's been a long night." As he slings his duffel into the back seat, Sam approaches through the steady rain with Molly and once again gallantly opens her door for her. "Let's get you out of here," he offers. Molly, looking rather worse for wear after enduring her encounter with Grisly Greeley, plants herself at the side of the car and insists, "I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what happened to my [bastard of a] husband [named Dave]." Sam stammers for a bit, so Molly, with ever increasing anger, accuses, "All this time, I've been looking for him, and you knew that Greeley killed him, didn't you?" Sam hems and haws and examines his shoes and finally drags his eyes up to meet hers to reply, "No, Molly. David's alive." Molly, as one would expect, is overjoyed at the news, and eagerly slides into the back seat of the Impala so the boys might escort her to David's current location. As she laughs a bit with relief and almost starts crying over the good news, Dean flicks his eyes up to the rearview mirror to glance at her reflection apprehensively.

A short time later, Metallicar grumbles up in front of a nondescript suburban ranch home, and Sam explains, "He's in that house, right there." "I don't understand," Molly begins, but Sam just quiets her with, "You will." The three disembark, and Molly races up the walk to the picture window, through which she spots David puttering around in his robe in the early-morning kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee. Molly stops dead in her tracks at the sight of him ("Oh, you!" Raoul interjects. "So clever with the puns!"), and whispers, "That's not...that can't be!" Barely have those words left her mouth when a perky little brunette bounces into the kitchen to peck David on the lips. Bastard! Worthless, cheating bastard! I told you it would all end in nothing but heartache and pain and tears, but did you listen to me? No!

Okay, I'll shut up with that now, because that's not what's actually happening here at all. Molly spins back to the boys and ices, "Who is that?" "That's David's wife," Sam sadly explains. Molly glances once more behind her at the scene of domestic bliss, then turns back to Our Intrepid Heroes, befuddled as all hell. "I'm sorry," Sam finally explains. "Fifteen years ago, you and your husband hit Jonah Greeley with your car. David survived." Dean butts in to elaborate that there have actually been two spirits haunting Route 41: Grisly Greeley and Molly herself. "For the past fifteen years," Sam adds, "one night a year you've been appearing on that highway." Molly protests some more, but Sam and Dean rather firmly inform her of the fact that she has not been spending the evening of her fifth wedding anniversary with Our Intrepid Heroes on a hunt for the ghost of Jonah Greeley, because the evening of her fifth wedding anniversary was in 1992. "It's 2007," Dean insists, and FLASHBACK!

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