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The Hardy Boys Realize Hope Floats

After a long silence, an owl hoots as the camera fades up on a slowly spinning overhead shot of the ruined car far below. The camera pans down through the pine branches for a moment before cutting to the spiderwebbed windshield, through which we presently focus in on Molly, slumped against the steering wheel. With steam hissing from her car's blasted radiator, Molly eventually opens her eyes and grunts, pushing herself away from the dash while calling out her husband's name. She swipes at a bit of blood trickling from the right corner of her mouth before discovering the passenger-side door wide open, with her husband nowhere to be found. Molly, wincing in pain, struggles to emerge from the wreck while continuing to call out for her vanished husband. She gets no answer. Starting to panic, she bellows his name, and the sound echoes a bit through the woods as she staggers off down a path.

Moments later, she spots a decrepit, tumbledown hunting cabin deep in the woods, and as the soundtrack's suddenly assaulted by The Plinking Mandolin Strings Of Supernaturally Spawned Destruction And Doom at this point, I'm guessing this is not a very good thing. Thunder rumbles ominously overhead as Molly picks her way through the underbrush to the cabin's front door. After banging a couple of times against the wood and calling out, "Is anybody here?" Molly finally twists at the knob to find the door unlocked, and she eases herself across the threshold to discover a blood-spattered work table along with a vast array of knives arrayed on the walls inside. DUN! As the menacing mandolin gives way to a little flourish of surprise on the piano, a trucker-capped redneck unexpectedly appears in the dim candlelight in a far corner of the room. "It's you!" Molly realizes instantly, correctly identifying him as the old coot from the highway, despite the fact that his back is to her at this moment. "You're okay?" she stammers before apologizing, "I'm so sorry -- I didn't see you there!" She's been approaching him slowly from behind, and the camera now pans across one of his blurry arms in the foreground of the shot to focus in on his filthy right hand, which happens at this moment to be holding half of his stickily squishy intestines inside a gaping and bloody hole that's been ripped straight across his midsection. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" shrieks Raoul, waving his claws around in the air with unrepentant glee. "Are you hurt?" Molly continues, oblivious both to the fiendish redneck's rather audibly oozing insides and to Raoul's howls of delight at same. The fiendish redneck slowly spins around to grant Molly a devilish smirk with an almost Satanic glint in his eyes before his face morphs into that of a rapidly decaying corpse. Molly's eyes snap wide with horror and fear as they dart from the bitterly black blood pouring from the fiendish redneck's corpsemouth down to the gaping hole in the man's belly, and the METAL TEETH CHOMP! lunges in to gobble up her immediate scream of abject terror almost as soon as its flown from her mouth.

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