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The Hardy Boys Realize Hope Floats

A few hundred yards down the road, Dean pulls over onto the snowy shoulder, and Molly wastes not an instant hopping out of the back seat to rush over to the scene of her accident. Sam and Dean pull a little flashlight-fu as they trail along after her, but there's one big problem: No sedan smashed up against a tree at the bottom of the hill. "This doesn't make any sense!" Molly waveringly announces, sobs of frustration threatening to choke up in her throat as she makes her way down the hill towards the killer tree. "Ooops! Wasn't that a spoiler?!" Hell if I care. This episode's starting to drag. In any event, while Molly's thus otherwise occupied, Sam urgently whispers up at the side of the road, "Dean, we gotta get out of here -- Greeley could show up at any second!" "What're ya gonna tell her?" Dean shoots back. "The truth!" Saint Sammy Of The Grievously Afflicted claims. Dean hisses back that should they do that, Molly'll "take off running in the other direction." Molly herself interrupts them at this point from the bottom of the hill to insist she rammed her car into that particular killer tree, and pleads with them to believe her. Our Intrepid Heroes humor her with a little more officious flashlight-fu before Dean finally manages to convince Molly of the need to report the entire incident to the police, pronto. "It's the best way we can help you and your husband," he argues. Molly, lost, glances around the bare earth at her feet once more before biting her lower lip and nodding, "Okay."

Metallicar grumbles down the road while inside, Molly forlornly notes she and her husband were supposed to be in Lake Tahoe by now, and she ruefully admits they were having "the dumbest fight" in the moments before the accident. "It's the only time we ever really argue," she confides, "when we're stuck in the car." "I know how that goes," Sam grins commiseratively. Dean, being quite nonverbal about the whole thing, hoists his eyebrows into the air all, "Only in the car?" and shoots his massive and massively aggravating younger brother A Look. Hee. Molly then bemoans the fact that the last thing David heard from her mouth was that he's a jerk. "Oh, Molly," Raoul hastens to assure her. "That's not the last thing he heard from you at all. As a matter of fact, I'm quite certain the last thing he heard from you was, 'OHMYGAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!' [Thunk.]" Such a comfort you are, Raoul. Captain Empathy, deploying a far more traditional method of consolation than Our Scaly Friend, here, pivots around to unleash The Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes upon the brothers' unexpected guest and vow, "We're gonna figure out what happened to your husband, I promise!"

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