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The Hardy Boys Realize Hope Floats

Next thing we know, Molly's led them back to the hunting cabin. The boys flashlight-fu their respective ways past the bloodied work tables and the thousands of knives lining the walls and the various meat hooks dangling from the ceiling as Sam admits he was unable to find any grave markers outdoors. At Molly's prompting, the boys introduce her to the entire concept of disinterring fifteen-year-old corpses for the sole purpose of salting and burning the bones. "Naturally," Molly responds as well she should, for we all know salting and burning fifteen-year-old corpses is one of the most natural things in the world. She might have been a tiny bit sarcastic in her delivery of the line, however. Dean is then rather rude and abrupt towards the poor woman who just lost her husband after a terrifyingly violent car accident on the evening of her fifth wedding anniversary, but we'll be skipping right past his egregiously obnoxious behavior in favor of following the three of them back out into the woods where, as Sam explains, they must now locate Greeley's actual house on the off-chance his widow buried him there before she vanished from the face of the planet way back in 1992.

Dean heads off in one direction while Sam and Molly trudge through the underbrush in the other, and despite Sam's warning that Molly remain close to him, the idiot woman immediately breaks away to wander through the trees on her own when she hears some unknown man's voice whisper, "Help me!" Believing it to be her bastard of a husband, she begins calling out his name while frantically whipping her head this way and that in an attempt to peer through the gloom that surrounds her. As one would expect, Grisly Greeley pops out from behind a tree after a bit of this to wrestle her into the bushes. Molly's near ultrasonic with the screams and such, but she's entirely ineffectual with the struggling to get away, and Grisly Greeley would abscond with her were it not for the sudden appearance of El Deano, who levels his sawed-off shotgun at Greeley's head. "Whoops!" Dean deadpans, right before blasting a round of rock salt straight into the spook's face. Kickass. Grisly Greeley instantly dissolves into a cloud of black ghost bits, leaving Molly alone to tumble into the dirt, where she gasps and pants for a bit, near paralytic with fear until she finally manages to pull herself to her feet. "You all right?" Action Sammy bellows, barreling over to her side as Dean immediately sets to training his flashlight on something further back in the trees. "What has that son of a bitch done with my husband?" Molly yowls, enraged. Sam tries to calm her down a bit as Dean barks, "Hey!" He directs Sam's attention towards a path through the woods and snarks, "Follow the creepy brick road." Dean starts down the paved sylvan thoroughfare in question, with Molly and Sam banging along after him in that order.

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