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The Hardy Boys Realize Hope Floats

"You know," Dean opines once they've reached their expected destination, "just once I'd like to round a corner and see a nice house." For yes, gentle reader, Greeley Manse is yet another tumbledown, decrepit mess. After Dean confirms the absence of headstones in the front yard, the boys plus Molly and copious amounts of flashlight-fu make their way indoors to poke around the still-furnished yet ruined first floor. They quickly agree to split up, with Sam and Molly taking the second floor while Dean remains below to check out the downstairs. Sam and Molly soon enough stumble into the master bedroom, where Sam finds the floor littered with deeds and financial statements and newspaper clippings while Molly drifts over to the desk by the window to discover an old photo album among the dust-encrusted tchotchkes. She hoists it up into the air and hauls it over to the bed where, once both she and Sam have perched themselves upon what must be the vermin-infested mattress, she passes the thing over to him for a look. A quick glance through the pages reveals them to be filled with photos of Jonah and his wife, Marion, in happier times, along with dozens of love letters they penned each other over the years. Molly skims through one of them and breathes, "My God, it's beautiful!" After a moment, she confesses, "I don't understand how a guy like this could turn into that monster," so Sam -- in a Captain Empathy mode so extreme it comes close to the sort of self-parody we were subjected to in "Tall Tales" -- very quietly and very carefully and very deliberately explains The Trouble With Spirits, noting "they're like wounded animals -- lost, and in so much pain that they lash out." When Molly questions the purpose for their existence in the first place, Sam takes a second to consider his words, and eventually replies, "There's some part of them that's keeping them here, like their remains? Or, um, unfinished business -- could be revenge, could be love, or hate -- whatever it is, they just hold on too tight." "Can't let go," he continues, gently eyeing her, "so they're trapped, caught in the same loops, replaying the same tragedies over and over." "GEE I WONDER WHO HE COULD BE TALKING ABOUT!?!" Raoul! Again with the volume! Knock it off! "Well, I'm sorry, but could it be any more obvious?! JUST BECAUSE I'M A REPTILE DOESN'T MEAN MY BRAIN IS THE SIZE OF A WALNUT YOU KNOW!" Oi! Quiet so I can get through this scene, please! "Oh, fine! Be that way! Hmmph!" ANY-way, Molly gazes at the expression on Sam's face as he says all of this and offers, "You sound almost sorry for them." "Well, they weren't evil people," Sam hastens to explain. "A lot of them were good -- it's just, something happened to them, something they couldn't control." Dean barges in on the quiet moment at this point to smirk, "Sammy's always getting a little J. Love Hewitt when it comes to things like this." "Me?" he continues, despite the fact that no one present asked him to elaborate at all. "I don't like 'em, and I sure as hell ain't making apologies for them." Captain Empathy gifts his obnoxious older brother with yet another tremendous bitchface. Hee.

Dean drops the issue to focus on a suspiciously placed piece of furniture, and he shoves aside the awkwardly angled bookshelf to discover a small door that would allow them into what they presume is a bit of attic storage space, were the small door not locked from the inside. Dean boots the wood with his heel a couple of times, however, and the lock quickly gives way. He stoops down to crawl through both the doorway and a massive tangle of cobwebs on the other side before rising to his feet and announcing, "It smells like old lady in here." Once he's joined by his brother and their unexpected guest, the three bumble across the source of the smell: The desiccated corpse of an actual old lady who hanged herself from one of the roof's beams many, many years ago. "You'll never believe me when I tell you this," Raoul confides, "but for my fifth birthday party, my mother got me a piñata shaped just like that!" Oh, I can believe that. What I can't believe is that you can remember back that far. "You bitch!" In any event, and long story short, they quickly realize the dangling corpse is actually what's left of Marion Greeley, who quite evidently killed herself after the untimely demise of her beloved husband, and after a bit of initial reluctance on Dean's part, the boys cut the corpse down and set to burying it out in the front yard. This despite Dean's earlier insistence that they have only until dawn to deal with the woman's Grisly life partner, but whatever, because the tedium of this episode is now threatening to eviscerate what's left of my sanity, and I can't deal with crap like that at this point.

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