Rock and a Hard Place

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The Hardy Boys are Terrible Virgins
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THEN! "What kind of thing likes virgins and gold?" Sam asked, once upon a time. Turns out it was dragons, which should have been much cooler than it was. Closer to the present, Dean kept urging his brother to slow the hell down and rest up a bit, because he was still weak from those pointless Hell Gate Trials last season. Sam felt fine, though, on account of being chock-full of an angel named Ezekiel, unbeknownst to him. Oh, hey, remember Sheriff Jody Mills? She met the Winchesters when her undead son turned into a patricidal monster. The last time the brothers heard from her, she was very nearly dying for a date with Crowley. This led to the Winchesters capturing the King of Hell for the last part of the trial. Crowley seems to have become addicted to human blood as a result.

NOW! Nighttime in Hartford, South Dakota. A young lady locks up Casey's Great Plains Diner for and deposits a box of food next to a sleeping vagrant just outside the door. "Nighty night, Slim," she says. As she heads across the parking lot to her car, she hears a twig snapping somewhere in the bushes near the diner. Something makes a low growling sort of sound. She glances around just to make sure it isn't Dean Winchester. The young lady panics and trips over absolutely nothing. Her keys fly out of her hand and slide under her car. She crawls in after them, seeking shelter from the approaching footsteps behind her. She uncaps her key chain, revealing a tiny stun gun, which she turns on while waiting for her attacker. What a waste of battery life. Eventually, someone or something lifts up her car by the back bumper. We see a pair of skinny, human-looking legs in non-gender-specific slacks. Whenever shows don't reveal the gender of some mystery character right off the bat, it almost always turns out to be female. Blue fire envelops the mystery attacker, then swooshes out to grab the young lady.

Next thing you know, the mystery attacker is dragging the unconscious young lady to a hole in the ground and drops her right in. A metal hatch slams down over the hole, sealing her inside like she's just inadvertently found herself in an old episode of Lost. Supernatural has wings!

At the Lair O' Letters, Sam has fallen asleep next to his bowl of half-eaten corn flakes. There's a placard on the wall bearing a very stern message. "All food waste and liquids must be placed in sealed units for disposal. Prevent contamination: All utensils and kitchen surfaces to be sterilized after use." Probably the original Men of Letters placed it there, although it seems just as likely the work of neat freak Dean. Speak of that domestic devil, he's just walking into the kitchen and noticing his dozing brother. Dean pours himself a cup of coffee from that retro urn that always seems ready, and drops a bowl in front of Sam to wake him, even though he's the one who's always saying Sam needs his rest. Sam sits up with a start, his hair flying back with the sudden movement. "You okay?" Dean asks. He was until you made him poop himself, asshole. "Yeah, I was just resting my eyes for a second," Sam says. Dean serves himself approximately eight corn flakes before letting us know that Kevin is much too tired to be in this episode. Then the subject turns to Crowley. "You think he's lying about Metatron's spell being irreversible?" Sam wonders. "What, Crowley lie?" Dean asks snarkily. "I do know one thing: Next time that junkie's jonesing for a hit of blood, we've got leverage."

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