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The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Genetics

John doesn't know why this demon is doing any of this, and says he's "always been one step behind it. I've never gotten there in time to save --" God, what the hell has he been doing all year, then? John Winchester is one hell of a sheep in wolf's clothing. Dean wants to know how they'll find it, and John says he's put together a pattern. The days before the fires, "signs crop up in an area. Cattle deaths, temperature fluctuations, electrical storms." He found evidence that these signs appeared in Lawrence before Mama Winchester bit it, and in Palo Alto before Jess got kebabbed. He's found the signs in Salvation, Iowa (note: not a real place).

Really bad whammy-bar/reverb action as the AssTruck and Metallicar drive down yet another lonely back road. The cars come toward the camera as it pans across a sign that cars would see leaving town, and which reads "Leaving SALVATION / The Heartland of America / Are you ready for Judgement Day? / JW 2:27." Catch that little "JW"? Cute. Maybe not quite as cute as the shout-out to 227 that follows it, but, hey, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is no Jackée. The AssTruck veers off the road, a veer we are treated to the sight of for about five minutes. What's with all the driving? John gets out, his hair already wet from the rain that's coming down, so I guess this one didn't get nailed on the first take. He unconvincingly taps the side of his truck in quite the "rage" and quietly "yells," "Son of a bitch!" Dean asks what's wrong and John says he "just got a call from Caleb. Jim Murphy's dead." Sam clarifies for the audience, "Pastor Jim? How?" John replies, apparently getting confused for a moment between Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy, "Throat was slashed. He bled out." I'd call that phrasing not only redundant, but also GROSS. Caleb told John they found traces of sulphur at Pastor Jim's "place" (a.k.a. the church), and Dean nods his head: "A demon." Pause. "The demon?" but John doesn't know.

John wonders if the demon knows they're getting close. He says they have to act like every second counts, so in Salvation they need to split up to get the records they need. Ooh, riveting. John "wants a list of every infant that's gonna be six months old in the next week." Sam: "Dad, that could be dozens of kids!" Okay, that is seriously not a big deal. But I guess if you are used to people walking up to you in parking lots and telling you what is happening, or randomly walking around until you see the evil demon doing its thing, or using small boys as bait to catch demons, this "investigation" might seem like a tall order. Sam's hair is about to take flight off his head by flapping the wings extended over his ears. They go back toward their respective cars, but Dean remembers his cue: "Dad?" Then John remembers his cue: "Yeah. It's Jim. I can't -- this ends now. I'm ending it. I don't care what it takes." The acting in this scene smacks of Martian Techniques for Acting Like Despairing Humans. More driving and peeling out.The AssTruck pulls up to the "hospital," which is clearly just some local office building that set design slapped a three-foot by four-foot sign saying "hospital" on. Daddy reaches into his front-seat cubby and fishes out a medical professional ID tag from among all the other IDs he has in it. Like father, like son. Inside, a nurse brings some folder to Sam, saying, "Here you go, officer." It's a birth certificate, and we get a shot of him taking down the information in his notebook.

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