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The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Genetics

Cut back to the boys, who easily break into the front door of Monica's house, only to be met with Monica's husband, who comes at them swinging a lamp. Dean manages to duck and immobilize the guy against the wall, telling him they're there to help, when Monica calls down from upstairs. Hubby yells for Monica to get the baby, Sam screams, "Don't go in the nursery!" and the men continue to scuffle. We cut upstairs to Monica pushing open the door and finding a human-ish figure in a trenchcoat standing in the shadows above the crib. Monica starts asking what it's doing, but gets thrust against and slid up the wall, just like she did in Sam's premonition. Sam hustles through the hallway, takes aim with the gun, and fires, but the figure poofs away at the exact moment the bullet is discharged. Monica falls to the floor, and Dean comes in just in time to scoop up the baby as the crib bursts into flames. "Now that's how you film some damn action," said the poor recapper with extremely low expectations.

Warehouse of Slow Lumbering. John takes a break from not doing much to try to use his cell phone. "Girl? You would not be-LIEVE this bitch!" No, not really. Before he can ring up his BFF, his cell phone gets whisked out of his hands and he gets thrust against the wall of the warehouse, much like Monica was. John does a fair amount of "Grrraaa! Gaaaahhh!" and then goes sliding up the wall as BotoxoCop emerges from steamy fog that is now illuminated in red light. Red light? Okay! Sign me up for more scenes with these two!Back in Salvation, the nursery explodes in a ball of flames while the boys, Monica, and baby come coughing out the front door of the house. Hubby is waiting for them outside (way to check up on your wife and baby, dude) and starts trying to get into it with Sam and Dean until Monica tells him that they saved them all. She takes her baby from Dean's arms and goes to her husband. Standard hand-held camera of family desperation as the three reunite and flash deeply grateful eyes at the boys. Sam looks back up at the second-floor nursery, now totally engulfed in flames, and sees the figure looming. He growls, "It's still in there," and starts toward the house, but Dean holds him back; he won't let his little brother commit suicide. The shadow figure fades into the fire. Metal Teeth Chomp.

In the motel room, Dean tries to call John, but realizes something is wrong when he doesn't pick up. Sam mopes that Dean wouldn't let him go back in the house. And what? Get burned to a crisp before even making it upstairs? Dean asks if Sam wants to "sacrifice himself" and Sam stands up, nodding like a crazy little boy about being willing to do so. Dean tells him that won't ever happen as long as he's around. Sam heatedly reminds Dean that they've been searching for this demon their whole lives. Dean replies that as much as he wants to kill it, "it's not worth dying over. I mean it. If hunting this demon means you getting yourself killed, I hope we never find it!" Sam plays the Dead Jess card and then the Dead Mom card. Dean spits toward his brother, "They're gone and they're never coming back," and Sam rushes him and pins his brother up against the wall, seeing Dean's spit and raising him some slobber: "Don't you say that!" Dean looks at his brother intently: "Sam look, the three of us, it's all we have. It's all I have. Sometimes I feel like I'm barely holding it together, man. Without you and Dad --" During this tearjerker, Sam releases his hold on his brother's shirt and walks away, rubbing his head: "Dad..." Dean tries John's cell phone again, and we cut to...Short Lip picking up his phone and telling them that they really screwed up this time. Cut back to Dean asking, "Where is he?" and Sam looking up in major alarm. Short Lip replies, "You're never going to see your father again," and then we cut to close-ups of first Dean's and then Sam's super-alarmed faces. Cut to me, and all you'd see would be some major devil's horns, because never see John again? ROCK ON.

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