Season 7, Time For A Wedding!

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Demian: F | 9 USERS: B-
The Hardy Boys Are Overstaying Their Welcome

...this evening's denouement, which we eventually arrive at after the episode's final CHOMP!-less commercial break. And since I totally don't give a shit about anything that's happened in the episode, I'll be keeping this brief: Surly Sammy and Batshit Becky scribble their names down on a set of Clark County annulment papers, and Sam attempts a pep talk, after which The Eternally Useless DJ Qualls tries and fails to ply Batshit Becky with his dubious charms. Once that unpleasantness has passed, Our Intrepid Heroes retire to the street with The Eternally Useless DJ Qualls to send the latter on his way, and after The Eternally Useless DJ Qualls has disappeared -- hopefully for good -- Dashing El Deano and Darling Sammy climb into Dean's crapped-out Dodge and motor on off towards their next adventure, which has got to be more entertaining than this one. Right? "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" I suppose we'll see.

Next week, in fact. There's at least one more original episode to air before this show heads into the winter mini-hiatus, and it looks like they'll be using it to violate The Jersey Devil. Took them long enough. And it couldn't possibly suck harder than this one, could it?

Demian is entirely aware of the fact that next week's episode could indeed suck harder than this one. Raoul, bless him, remains blissfully beyond caring at the moment. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon once again in a Coma Of Boredom on the Internet.

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