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Eventually, Don admits he made a mistake, and he begs Maggie's forgiveness, which she grants after Don sends a swarm of embarrassingly CGI'd bees to buzz around Dean's head. And as this evening's very special guest stars finally get their mack on with each other, Dean bleats, "Somebody want to call these things off?" Wah. Wah. Waaaaaaaaaah!

This Week's Other Motel Room. Aftermath. This Week's Other Motel Room, incidentally, is basketball-themed. Just thought you should know. Our Intrepid Heroes plod in, more or less no worse for the wear, and Drunky El Deano celebrates their non-victory by swigging from a flask, much to Sniffy Sam's obvious and audible consternation, and wow. This whole Dean Has A Drinking Problem thing they're trying so desperately to make us care about this season is mind-bogglingly dull. At least when The Ginormotron got addicted to crack a couple of seasons ago, it was funny. "Perhaps," Raoul shriekingly interjects, "they could have the bottles scream as Dean drains them?!" Oh, that's a delightful idea, Raoul. "Thanks!" I'd suggest you endeavor to send it off to the people responsible for this mess, but I doubt they'd pay much attention. "Oh, poop!" Alas, we must learn to live with such disappointments in our lives, must we not? "I suppose so!" Raoul sighs, drawing a deeply chagrined yet impeccably manicured paw to his weary brow, and it pains me to see you so distressed, my scaly friend -- why don't you go whip us up some end-of-episode flagons to take your mind off things? "Fabulous idea!" Raoul rather predictably shrieks, and as the dear, dizzy lizard toddles off to his den, I'm left to wonder what the hell I was talking about before I veered off on this tangent.

Oh, yes: Drunky El Deano celebrates their non-victory by swigging from a flask, much to Sniffy Sam's obvious and audible consternation, leading Drunky El Deano to gripe, "It's been a long day." "And it's not over yet," Leviathan Chet smirks as he emerges from his hiding place in the bathroom to make with the menacing. Drunky El Deano, likely not recognizing their unexpected guest because he's never seen the guy before, promptly aerates Leviathan Chet's chest with a round from his trusty pearl-handled automatic, but the blast of course has no effect, and Leviathan Chet expels a bit of bitterly black Leviathan goo from the fresh hole in his army jacket until the mangled bullet pops back out to drop to the floor. "You're a bit outmatched," Leviathan Chet mildly observes, and fisticuffs ensue, with Leviathan Chet quite frankly stomping Our Intrepid Heroes' asses from one end of This Week's Other Motel Room to the other. Thus, it's quite fortunate that James Marsters materializes in the doorway at this point to zap Leviathan Chet with a bit of haggish mojo so powerful, it instantly renders Our Intrepid Heroes' unwelcome guest unconscious. How convenient.

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