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...some random parking lot somewhere. That Leviathanically-enhanced customer service agent with the nacho cheese fixation from a couple of episodes ago totes a bag of supplies over to his car while chatting on his cell, presumably to the never-seen Edgar. The Leviathanically-enhanced customer service agent -- whose name is apparently "Chet," so you know -- apologizes most sincerely for taking so long with "this Winchester thing," and as he promises to catch up with Our Intrepid Heroes within the next day or so, he pops the trunk on his no-doubt-stolen sedan to stow his purchases right next to...a mangled, bloody corpse! DUN! "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" That too, of course, and because this development has pleased Raoul so much, I'll not bitch about how awkward and flat this little interlude seems, and instead jump back to catch up with the...

...Impala, which is just now pulling into downtown Prosperity, and before we know it, Dapper Sam's interviewing the pre-credits corpse's grieving older sister. I'm assuming Dapper Sam's once again masquerading as an FBI agent, but given the circumstances surrounding the untimely demise of "Wendy Goodson," he could just as easily be telling this woman he's from OSHA. Which, you know, would be a nice change of pace. I mean, they've become a little over-reliant on the whole FBI drag over the last few years, haven't they? Remember when they used to have a different costume every week? I think my favorite was those ridiculous... "A-him!" Yes, Raoul? "You'll pardon me, I'm sure, but could you possibly find it in your heart to get to the point already, hmmm?!" Profuse apologies, my scaly friend. This scene's so remarkably dull, I'm afraid it all but forced me to wander off on that tangent. "All the more reason to race through it, then, yes!?" You're absolutely right. "Thanks!" Now, where was I? Oh, yes: Grieving Older Sister claims Dead Wendy had no enemies in town, and further asserts there was no connection whatsoever between Dead Wendy and the corpse from the hot tub, a local architect named "Carl Dunlop." Dapper Sam furrows his mighty brow.

Meanwhile, back at the salon, Dapper Dean chats with Screamy Chriiiiiis for a bit until he spots something suspicious down on the floor. Dapper Dean squats down to rummage around behind one of the remaining dryers, and when he pops back up, we can see he's retrieved a very small and very old coin. DUN!

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