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Out on the sidewalks of Prosperity, Dapper Dean pedeconferences with Dapper Sam via cell, and as he passes a bus bench advertising Dead Wendy's real estate business, he pauses long enough to make note of the dead plants on either side of the thing, so I'm guessing they'll become important later on. In any event, Our Intrepid Heroes agree the coin must represent "some kind of hex talisman," and then Drunky El Deano ducks into a liquor store to purchase copious amounts of healing booze. "Atta girl!"

Elsewhere, a construction worker bids farewell to one of his fellows at a barren job site, then heads over to a Port-O-Let to relieve himself, and just as he slams shut the door and lifts the seat, the unplugged air compressor out in his truck chugs itself to life, seemingly of its own accord. DUN! Inside the rented can, this evening's next bit of Monster Chow frowns at the unexpected racket, zips up and kicks open the door to find...a mysteriously floating pneumatic nail gun, pointed directly at his face! "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The imperiled gent gapes as the rogue gun triggers itself at least a dozen times, and the camera hops to the back of the Porta-Potty to watch as several of the nails drill through the thing's flimsy blue wall, each and every one of them dripping blue-collar blood into the job-site dirt. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The gun pauses, and the camera leaps back around to linger lovingly on the soon-to-be-dead gent's many, many lurid puncture wounds -- one most disturbingly in his cheek -- until the gun drifts forward a bit to drive two final nails through the guy's eyes. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" bays Raoul, once again a writhing flurry of delight atop his overstuffed armchair as the camera jumps one last time to the back of the Port-A-San to zoom in on the business ends of those final two nails until it discreetly cuts away to this evening's first woefully CHOMP!-less commercial break.

Job site. Aftermath. Dapper Dean quizzes a member of the local constabulary regarding the late construction worker's particulars, and we learn the guy was actually one "Dewey Stevens, owner of Dewey Stevens Construction," which just so happens to be "the biggest outfit in town." With that, the Prosperity cop wanders off, leaving Dean alone to discover yet another small yellow coin at Dead Dewey's feet. Dapper Dean surreptitiously pockets the thing, then joins Dapper Sam in the worksite's trailer, where Sam's deployed his mad Googling skillz to uncover the following: The three victims "were all working on a shopping center project together" that "fell apart for some reason." "So, everybody working on this project has died?" Dean asks. Not quite: The project's developer, a certain "Donald Stark," remains alive. You know, for now. The developer's name rings one of Dean's bells, so we must bounce with the boys back over to...

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