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See The Funny Little Hardy Boys

...downtown Prosperity, where the camera lands on a bust dedicated to "Donald Stark," "Founder of The Prosperity Charity Foundation," and while the bust is meant to represent James Marsters, the first of tonight's very special guest stars, it actually looks a hell of a lot more like distressing human landfill Michael Pitt, so you'll forgive me if I choose not to linger on that particular piece of unpleasantness for very long and instead jump ahead to the bit where Dapper Sam receives a text from the ever-helpful Bobby. "You're forgiven!" Thanks, friend of friends. Anyway, Bobby's managed to identify the writing on Dean's coins as "Romanian Cyrillic," which of course hasn't been in general use since the 1850s, making the coins themselves "ancient Wallachian ducats." Eagle-Eyed Sammy then notes the vast amounts of dead vegetation now surrounding Mr. Stark's terrifying bust, which reminds Dean of Dead Wendy's similarly situated bus bench, but before Our Intrepid Heroes get a chance to pursue this line of thinking further, we must first shuttle over to...

...Leviathan Chet's car, so we can watch the guy drive through some ridiculously scenic stretch of nowhere for a full fifteen seconds of screen time while a snippet of Bobby Goldsboro's "See The Funny Little Clown" plays on the soundtrack. And before we get a chance to wonder what the hell all that's supposed to mean, we scoot back to...

...Prosperity, where The Dapper Duo has at long last arrived at Mr. Stark's graciously appointed manor to interrogate the first of tonight's very special guest stars, and I gotta be honest, here: Neither James Marsters nor Charisma Carpenter really do it for me at this point, and I was never much of a Buffy fan, either, so if I seem less than enthused by their presence in this evening's episode, well... Sue me. Taking that into account, then, it should not surprise you to learn I found the interview that follows excruciatingly dull. Mr. Stark chats about his business dealings for a very long period of time, and his perky blonde cupcake-loving assistant "Jennie" jiggles in just long enough to raise a few suspicious eyebrows, and then Dapper Sam excuses himself to make use of Stately Stark Manor's upscale facilities.

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