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The Hardy Boys Sound Like Sensible Fucking Men
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Rattle, Rattle WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE THEN!, and it's Leviathan 101, more or less: Sheriff Jody, momentarily ensnared by the shapeshifting beasties in Sioux Falls General Hospital; the Leviathanically enhanced version of her doctor, discreetly devouring the unfortunate gent he modeled himself upon; Leviathan Edgar, stubbornly refusing to die even though Dean dropped a car on him; Leviathan Chet, oozing bitterly black Leviathan goo from the fresh bullet hole Dean pumped into his chest at Last Week's Other Motel Room; James Marsters, momentarily disabling Leviathan Chet with a bit of extra-fancy mojo. You know, the usual. Oh, and the THEN! would of course be remiss were it not to make mention of Dead Amy Pond, whom nobody cares about, ever. Have we covered everything, here? "We have!" shrieks Raoul The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon, who just so happens to be all peppy and alert this evening because he'd heard rumors of mayhem and bloodshed attached to this particular episode. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Would you wait for it, Raoul? "Oh, my! I do apologize, I'm sure! Please continue!" Excellent.

Rattle, Rattle STILL NOT GIVING A SHIT NOW!, and barely has the dripping begun before we cross-fade to the bustling interior of the "First Bank Of Jericho." Our Intrepid Heroes wander into the near blurry foreground of the shot and stand there for a moment, taking in the scene, until the camera leaps around to capture Darling Sammy's face as he warily wonders, "You sure about this?" "Trust me," Dashing El Deano nods, all grim determination and flaring nostrils and such. Darling Sammy comes thisclose to rolling his eyes, but he remains silent and stands by the bank's front door to watch as Dashing El Deano lopes up to the next available teller, who just so happens to be a perky young brunette with a winning smile, and my, but that's convenient. For once, I'd love to see him try to pull the flirting that follows with an utterly indifferent battleaxe of a middle-aged broad. Or, you know, a guy. In any event, Dashing El Deano leans insouciantly against the counter and addresses "Megan" by name, complimenting her on her especially drab beige dress while surreptitiously signaling to Darling Sammy behind his back. Sneaky Sam just as surreptitiously slides over to shut and lock the bank's front door, and he resumes standing guard as Dean convinces Perky Megan to change a hundred for him, even though he doesn't have an account. And as Megan drops her head to dip into her drawer, Our Intrepid Heroes exchange A Look Fraught With Significance, and...wait a minute. Is that a frigging machine gun Sam's just now magically produced from his jeans pocket? "I believe it is!" Raoul shrieks, ever helpful, and thanks for the input, friend of friends, but how did he stuff that goddamned thing down his jeans? "The dear boy does seem to be quite talented, does he not!?" No comment.

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