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Monkeys Fly Out of the Hardy Boys' Butts
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THEN! The Winchesters met a young lady named Charlie Bradbury, who helped them out a few times with her amazing computer skillz. Charlie thought she might become a hunter, which gave the brothers pause until they saw her amazing gun skillz. They extended to her an open invitation to the Lair O' Letters, which they'd once been told was the "safest place on earth," because it was "warded against any evil ever created." Why they would remind us of this and then completely ignore it later in the episode is a mystery that not even Charlie with any number of her amazing skillz could solve.

NOW! Or, according to the date on the screen, 1935. Everything's in black and white to make everything look extra old-fashioned. A man opens up the little puzzle box that the Men of Letters like to keep their secret keys in. It's like the kiddie version of the Lament Configuration. Majestic music plays as he and another man unlock the door to the LOL and make their way down to the darkened hub. They each sit down at what passed for a computer station back then and plug in something that could be a vacuum tube or a fancy pepper shaker. "Protocols complete!" announces the older of the two men. "James Haggerty," he introduces himself. "Peter Jenkins," says the one who looks like Doogie Howser. They shake hands and beam with pride over their accomplishment. Then they notice nothing seems to be happening. "Did we do everything right?" young Jenkins asks.

As if to answer his question, the lights come up all around the LOL. Machinery hums from elsewhere in the building. "It took three years to build this dump," Haggerty notes, his nose in the air. "Dump," Jenkins repeats, disbelieving. "This 'dump' is the last, true beacon of light in a world gone topsy-turvy! This 'dump' is the epicenter of the ultimate chess match between good and evil!"

It takes but six months for the shine to wear off. "What a dump," Jenkins sighs as he and Haggerty engage in a literal chess match. "You know, when I got this assignment, I thought there'd be, I dunno, excitement? Adventure?" Haggerty takes a hit off his flask and says, "There's nothing worse than adventure, my boy." The phone rings on the table beside them. Instead of a dial, it just has one big button with the MOL's secret symbol on it. Haggerty chastises somebody on the other end of the line for not knowing the correct password. "There's protocol here, young lady," he reminds her. He listens a little more, then appears to decide that they can forgo protocol this one time and invites her over. "Damn hunter," Haggerty grumbles, then elucidates when Jenkins looks puzzled: "Frank's kid." Jenkins is awestruck, because it seems this Frank person did something amazing for his daughter.

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