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Monkeys Fly Out of the Hardy Boys' Butts

The Winchesters continue stalking through the LOL. "Why haven't you moved in?" Dean asks. "Is this really the time for this?" Sam asks. "Just askin'," Dean says. So they stop in the middle of the hub and talk it over. "I never had what you had with Mom and Dad," Sam says. "I don't have any memories of home." Considering that Dean was four when their house burned, that's probably one of the only memories he has of it. Dean points out that the LOL is the closest thing to a home they're going to get. Sam makes a sad face.

Dorothy and Charlie take off from Dean's room. Because nobody knows how to stay quiet long enough to avoid being found out by witches and so forth, the two of them decide to have a gab fest, too. Dorothy really doesn't care for her father's books at all, calling them revisionist history. "When the witch came to our world, I became a hunter," she says, "and my father wrote those silly books." Never mind that he published the first one in 1900, before his non-existent daughter would have even been born. "Don't you get it?" Charlie asks. "They're guidebooks filled with clues he left for you." In that case, an instruction manual with clear steps and bullet points might have been a wee bit more helpful. She reminds Dorothy of the poppies that Haggerty discovered, thanks to the books. "Maybe there's something else we can use -- preferably something with a pointy end," Charlie says. "You are a genius!" Dorothy cries, suddenly remembering something. "Come on, we've got to get the garage!"

Just as Sam declares the hub witch-free, she pops up and grabs him. It looks funny, because she's a normal-sized person and he's a giraffe. Dean aims his gun, but doesn't have a clear shot with Sam's ginormous head in the way. Instead, he lunges and knocks them both to the ground. The witch gives them a little love tap on their foreheads. Their eyes flash green to signal possession. Inside Sam now resides his own soul, an entire angel, and part of a witch. Just how much room does he have in there? Is he like a human TARDIS? "Find the girls," Sam says in a distorted voice. "And kill them both," adds Dean in an equally distorted voice. Gosh, it really is too bad the LOL isn't warded against evil, isn't it?

Dorothy and Charlie take some stairs up into the heretofore-unseen garage, which is just full of guh-orgeous antique cars and motorcycles. Also: what the hell? How did Sam and Dean not notice this garage here? It'd be one thing if it were buried deep below ground, but it's some floors up. How is this disguised from the outside? Anyway, among these treasured modes of transportation is Dorothy's old motorcycle, in pristine condition thanks to the MOL. Even her old satchel is intact, which is where she finds the pair of red patent heels she stashed there, all those years ago. "Did you actually walk down a brick road in these?" Charlie asks. "No, I never actually wore them," Dorothy says. "Seemed kinda tacky wearing a dead woman's shoes, plus I'm no good in heels." Plus, the slippers were only made red for the movies, but if they're going to overlook the fact that Frank Baum didn't have a daughter named Dorothy, then why let a little thing like shoe color get in the way? "I don't suppose we can just wish the witch away," Charlie says. "Another thing the books got wrong," Dorothy says. "But, like the poppies, they do have magic from Oz -- sharp magic!"

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