Slumber Party

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Monkeys Fly Out of the Hardy Boys' Butts

"There you are," Dean says. Suddenly he and Sam are standing there. Charlie laughs because Dean's voice is even deeper and more gravelly than usual… and that's saying something. "Is that your Batman voice?" she asks. The brothers' eyes flash green. "It's her," Dorothy says. "She's possessed the both of them!" Charlie and Dorothy back up and the Witch-chesters advance ever so slowly on them. "I've missed you, my pret-ty," Sam says. It's pret-ty hilarious. "Killing you a second time... will be just as sweet as the first," Dean says. Also hilarious! Charlie tries to appeal to Dean, trapped somewhere behind his terrible line delivery, but he just grabs her and smashes her into a window.

The witch huffs and puffs as she climbs the stairs to the gallery above the hub, holding a cauldron full of miscellaneous supplies. She's obviously having some difficulty with the cardio demands that the stairs present, so why not just turn into smoke and waft herself up there? Or, failing that, why not use any random door downstairs, since the key will turn any door into a portal to Oz? She kneels before the entrance and pulls her cowl up over her head to achieve a properly dramatic look for her spell.

Up in the garage, Sam and Dean continue to be unintentionally hilarious. "I have no intention of escaping! To Oz," Dean enunciates. "I'm going to bring my armies here," Sam says. He takes a step toward Dorothy.

Meanwhile, the witch mixes up something that looks like goji berries, cinnamon and ground coffee in her cauldron. Maybe she needs to lure the flying monkeys with the promise of a hot, delicious beverage. Otherwise, what's the cauldron even for? All she needs to open the portal is the key. She cuts her palm (always with the palm) and bleeds green blood into her concoction. She opens the door and reveals the roiling skies of Oz. She makes some sounds like that famous talking porcupine, then cackles with mad glee.

Garage. "Don't worry," Dean says. "You'll join Dorothy right after you watch her die." Dean makes the mistake of looking back at Dorothy to emphasize his point. "Sorry about the nards, Dean," Charlie says, then hauls off and kicks him in the crotch. Not even being possessed by a witch keeps him from feeling it, and down he goes with a comical groan. Dorothy takes advantage of the momentary distraction and knocks out Sam. She tosses Charlie the shoes. "Go! I'll buy you some time!" Seems like Dorothy would be the wiser choice to confront the witch, since Charlie is not only inexperienced, but killable, too. As Charlie runs off to what should be her certain doom, Dorothy turns to face down the Witch-chesters. "All right, let's see what you pencil-necks are made of!" Lady, they already told you they're hunters, not nerdlinger librarians!

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