Slumber Party

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Monkeys Fly Out of the Hardy Boys' Butts

The witch adds more coffee to her brew. The aroma reaches all the way to Oz, where it's picked up by a gaggle of flying monkeys. They want some of that magic espresso and come flapping and hooting toward the portal.

Dorothy isn't faring so well against the Witch-chesters. "My body can't hurt you," Dean says, "but theirs can." Well, that explains that little loophole. Sam grabs Dorothy from behind. Dean points his knife at her throat. You'd think the witch would be in a hurry to off Dorothy, but maybe she's too occupied with her spell.

Maybe that's why she also doesn't hear Charlie sneaking up behind her. As Charlie stabs her in the back of the head with the shoe's pointy heel, the witch loses possession of the Winchesters. Dean blink-blinks in confusion.

"Now heel," Charlie quips, and stabs the witch with the second shoe. The witch... disappears? I guess? There's just her empty robe on the floor with a pair of shoes. Next thing you know, Charlie's struggling to pull the door shut just as the flying monkeys are about to cross the threshold. When Charlie peeks behind the door again, all she sees is the regular, old stairwell. Monkey crisis averted! She fishes the key out of the witch's robe. Guess it wasn't still in the door, then. The Winchesters rush into the hub, guns drawn, but find the situation handled. "Ding dong, bitches," Charlie says. Sam smiles up at her while Dean looks like he just narrowly avoided a heart attack.

With the witch mysteriously gone, Sam turns his attention back to Crowley. He shackles the former King of Hell once more and lays out another crayon and piece of paper. He's fed up with this crap and just stomps off without saying a word. "Bollocks," Crowley curses into the darkness.

Sam and Charlie join Dean and Dorothy in the garage. The Impala has also been invited to the party. "Baby looks good in here, huh?" Dean asks. It's nice that the Impala gets her own room, too. Sam hands Dorothy a copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. "You have no idea how odd it is having a series of books written about you," she says. "Actually, I do know," says Fabio. Meanwhile, Charlie and Dean scoot off to the side to have their own little chat. "Thanks for the slumber party," Charlie says, "and for bringing me back from the dead." Dean is terrible at lying again. Charlie wonders if she's a zombie. "Do I need to eat brains?" she asks. "No, you're you," he whispers. "Just, ah, keep this between us, okay?" She agrees, as long as he promises to explain it all to her later.

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