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Monkeys Fly Out of the Hardy Boys' Butts

Color fades back in, bringing us back to the present. Charlie Bradbury has just arrived with her amazing brain to save the Winchesters. She tells them she got fired the week before for exposing her boss's shady ways, but it's all cool. "It gives me more time for my hobbies," she says. "Like LARPing, macramé, hunting..." She says this last while wincing, because she knows Dean is going to object. Which, of course, he does. She says she took down a teenaged vampire and a ghost all by herself. "But I kinda wish hunting was more magical," she sighs. Oh shut up, Charlie. You killed a vampire and a ghost! Don't make it sound like a tax audit. Dean just rolls his eyes at her and takes her down to see the computer.

"It's kind of an alarm system," she says once she stops oohing and ahhing over its vintage chic. "Global badness happens, it freaks." It also appears to be powered by magic, which my grandmother swore was what powered all computers. "Can we use it to track angels?" Sam asks. "Let me see what I can do," Charlie says, cracking her knuckles.

After a quick montage of wires and gizmos, Charlie pronounces herself ready to download all the files off the old computer. At first I wondered how such an early computer would have that kind of internal memory, then I remembered: magic. Also magical is the fact that Charlie had all the adapters she needed to hook up UNIVAC Junior here to her tablet. "So you've been hunting," Sam says while they're waiting for the download. "Alone," Dean adds. "I know, not a good idea according to the Supernatural books," Charlie says. Sam bristles at the mention of them. "You really can't delete those from the Internet?" he asks, because he apparently doesn't know how the internet works. "Where do you even find them?" Dean wonders. "A top-secret place I call Amazon," Charlie duhs. Heh. To make matters worse, the utterly abhorrent Becky has been uploading all the unpublished books, as well. Sam acts all comically uncomfortable at the mention of her name because ladies who roofie dudes are funny! Dean gives him this look, like, "Dumbass." When Charlie realizes the download will take a while, she suggests they pass the time with a sleepover. She also suggests braiding each other's hair, but Sam, sadly, does not take her up on it.

Everybody piles into Sam's room for some Game of Thrones. "Wow, that Joffrey's a dick," Dean notices. Charlie starts to tell him about something particularly dickish coming up in a future ep, but Sam shushes her. "Whoa, spoilers! I haven't read all the books yet." Dean gapes at him and asks, "You're gonna read the books?" Sam retorts, "Yes, Dean, I like to read books... without pictures." Dean looks at him like he had no idea such things even existed. Sometimes Dean is an anti-intellectual moron. Other times, he can whip out the Vonnegut references like nobody's business. It all depends on what the episode needs. Also, when does Sam have time to slog through long fiction? The conversation turns to the state of Sam's bedroom, which Charlie notes seems rather sparsely decorated. It probably would have helped to swing the camera around to let us have a look, but all we can see is the bed and a night table. "I'm sorry I haven't hung up the 'Hang in there, kitty' poster yet," Sam says. Dean is baffled yet again. "So, what, our home's not good enough for the 'Hang in there, kitty' poster?" For Sam, this isn't home, but a place to work. Dean's so annoyed by this that he has to go find himself another beer.

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