Slumber Party

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Monkeys Fly Out of the Hardy Boys' Butts

This leaves Charlie and Sam to talk amongst themselves. "So Charlie, what was all this about hunting not being magical?" he asks. "Saving people, hunting things, the family business? I am down," she says. "But I was raised on Tolkien, man. Where's my quest?" Shut up, Charlie. "Magic quests suck," Sam says. "Trust me, they're all --"

"--dead ends," Haggerty finishes 75 years ago. "Nothing but dead ends!" He and Jenkins have been poring over books and discussing tactics, right in front of the Wicked Witch. Sigh. You don't discuss your plays in front of the opposing team, guys! She manages to claw her way through her rather flimsy-looking bonds and pops up out of her chair. Everyone is super surprised that this has happened. Jenkins leaps up to attack her, because in all his reading he didn't come across anything that said not to let her touch him. So, she touches his forehead and makes his eyes glow green, which is the only color to be seen in the olden days. Jenkins turns to Haggerty and Dot. "There's something in here that belongs to me," Jenkins says in a deep voice. "Take me to it!" Nobody knows what he's talking about. "Do you have a lab?" Dotty asks Haggerty. "Second floor, room 28," he says. Dotty makes a run for it. The witch follows after her.

The possessed Jenkins attacks Haggerty, who proves to be a bit sturdier than he looks. He grabs Jenkins's wrist and forces him to stab himself. The green goes out of Jenkins's eyes as he slumps against Haggerty. "You were right," Jenkins gasps. "There's nothing worse than adventure." He falls onto his side, the knife still in his gut even though a moment ago we heard it clatter to the floor. Bye, Doogie. Too bad the place wasn't "warded against any evil" or anything.

Haggerty runs upstairs, calling for Dorothy, just in time to see a bright light coming from room 28. He opens the door...

...and we're back to the present again as Charlie and the Winchesters walk through that same door. They've come to check on the download, but notice something funky behind the shelving unit. Sam and Dean shove the shelves to one side and expose the gray goo that's been growing up the wall. By now it looks like a big, crusty cocoon with two canoe-sized pouches, one of which appears to have burst open. Dean takes his pocket knife to the one intact pouch. Dust puffs out, followed by a lady's arm, followed by the rest of the lady. Dorothy plops out of the cocoon and onto the floor. Sam and Dean whip out their guns and decide to wait until the commercials are over before doing anything.

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