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Monkeys Fly Out of the Hardy Boys' Butts

Charlie has used the time to dig up a few pertinent files, and then summarizes for us. "Holy crap! The first case investigated in this bunker involved Dorothy. She and the witch came into this room and they never came out! This will never stop blowing my mind!" She's about to pop from excitement. "Pace yourself, Toto," Dean says. "Oz is real," Charlie says. "It's part of the fairy world!" It's such a throwaway line that I missed it the first time around. The fact that we hear -- but don't see -- Charlie saying it makes me wonder if it was added in later for clarity. Dorothy, still on the floor but wrapped in a blanket, isn't one for resting. "We have to find her," she says. "We have to talk," Sam says. Dorothy rolls her eyes. "Typical Men of Letters," she snorts, "standing around having a nice little chat, with your noses buried in your books, while your little secretary takes notes." Everybody's a little bit miffed at that and inform her that they're hunters. Plus, didn't she notice they're all dressed like lumberjacks? She's surprised to learn she's been out for over 75 years. Oh my God, lady, just wait until you see the improvements they've made in feminine hygiene products! Sam asks her about what happened. "According to our files, you came here to kill the Wicked Witch and disappeared," he says. "We couldn't find a way to kill her," she says, "so I did the only thing I could..."

1935. In what was then the lab, Dorothy mixes assorted herbs and potions into a glass jar. The final ingredient, as is so often the case, is a bit of her blood, which she obtains by cutting into her palm. People always be cutting their palms for these things, like they're not going to need to use their hands later. Try cutting your arm sometime! The witch barges into the room. Dorothy drops the stopper into the jar. "It's you and me forever, bitch!" A flash of light sucks them both into the jar and turns them into turducken goo. A moment later, Haggerty runs in, calling for her. He looks around, stumped, at the empty room before him.

"A binding spell," Dorothy explains in the present day. "But it came at a price -- her soul with mine." She points out that the witch is still alive, which would be cause for great concern if they were anywhere but the safest place on earth.

By now, the witch has found her way down to the torture dungeon. "Hello, lovely," Crowley greets her. She takes a step toward him, but the Devil's Trap burns her. Hey, maybe they should try one of those on her! No? "Sorry, this soda box is warded against everything," Crowley says. "Even Wicked Witches." She scrunches her face, surprised that he knows who she is. "Big fan of your work," he explains. She makes a sound like a cross between a giggle and a sump pump. "What's the matter, darling? Cowardly Lion got your tongue?" Crowley tosses her his crayon and paper so she can tell him why she's there.

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