Slumber Party

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Monkeys Fly Out of the Hardy Boys' Butts

Up in the lab-turned-computer-room, Sam would rather stand around talking a bit longer. "Wait, if she's here, why didn't she kill you?" he asks. "She can't," Dorothy duhs. "You're protected by the Witch of the North's kiss," Charlie remembers from the books. Dorothy gets her old-time panties in a bunch because to hell with the books! "Now, the witch came here looking for something, I have no idea what it is," Dorothy says, "but we have to find her before she finds it." Also, didn't Dorothy drag the witch to the LOL? It's not like she went there under her own power. Sam and Dean head off to do their Winchester thang while Charlie stays behind to look stuff up on her computer. "I'm helping," Dorothy says, hot on their heels. "I don't doubt it," Sam says. "But for now, why don't you rest up and help the smartest person in the room?" Charlie blushes like it's a compliment instead of being damned with faint praise.

Dorothy stands around looking like she's the last girl at the dance waiting for an invite. "So, a big fan," Charlie gushes at her. But Dorothy doesn't quite match up with her expectations from the books. "Those books are the ravings of a sad old man -- my father," Dorothy says. Charlie is stunned. "Wait -- your father was L. Frank Baum, the writer?" Perhaps Charlie is a little puzzled because Baum didn't have any daughters on record. Dorothy grumps about her father, who was a Man of Letters or as Dotty puts it, a "glorified librarian." Dissing book nerds doesn't sit right with Charlie, who snaps at Dorothy for her bad attitude. Librarians are smart! Haggerty even kept a case file open for Dorothy, working every day to find her. Guess he never noticed that big bottle of goo in the lab. He also found something they could use against the witch. "Do you remember the poppy fields from the first book?" Charlie asks. "That's not actually how it happened," Dorothy says. "It was much bloodier --" Charlie cuts her off: "Stop ruining my childhood!" She says Haggerty got some poppy extract from a fairy. She goes off to fill some bullets with the extract. "Are you coming or what?" she tosses over her shoulder. Dorothy makes an impressed face, because Charlie is amazing, and follows after her.

The brothers wind up in the torture dungeon, where Crowley greets them with a whistled rendition of "Over the Rainbow." "Well, if isn't the Scarecrow and the Tin Man," he says. The brothers don't react to that, so Crowley goes on: "Your new houseguest? So misunderstood." He's positive shocked that neither of them saw Wicked. There should be an entire episode of Crowley doing all the stuff in between his various evil acts. Like, there he is, taking in a Broadway musical! There he is, watching Bullwinkle cartoons! The Winchesters want to know what the witch said to him, so Crowley barters for a little stretch. Dean unlocks Crowley neck irons, allowing him just enough freedom to stand. "What did the witch want?" Sam asks. "Give me a mo," Crowley says, determined to milk this for as much as he can. Dean shoots him in the chest. "Rude," Crowley notes. He shows them the witch's note. It bears just one word: key. Crowley had no idea what key she's looking for, but sent her to the kitchen, because why not?

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