Slumber Party

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Monkeys Fly Out of the Hardy Boys' Butts

Dean is aghast to find his precious kitchen in disarray. "Damn it, I just cleaned in here!" How did they not hear her rifling through half the cookware section of Bed Bath & Beyond? While Dean mourns, Charlie and Dorothy arrive to show off their fresh poppy bullets. "They won't kill her," Charlie says, "but they will stun the crap out of her!" She only had enough extract to make four bullets, which is convenient because there are four of them with guns. While everyone loads up, Sam says the witch is looking for a key. "It's the key to Oz," Dorothy realizes. If you're not going to get there by tornado, the key is the way in. She goes on: "This key will turn any door into portal to Oz." She's frantic that the witch not get her hands on the key, lest she return to Oz and destroy it. She takes out her little pocket journal and shows them a sketch of the key. Dean remembers seeing it when he found the MOL's stash of historic porn. Everybody splits up to take on their assigned tasks -- Dorothy and Sam to stall the witch, Dean to find the key. He tries to get Charlie to hide out in the dungeon, but she's all het up to finally undertake a magical quest.

Sam and Dorothy wander around the LOL and get to know each other a little. "How long have you called this place home?" she asks. "My brother calls it home," Sam says. "Me, I haven't had that much luck with homes." This is in contrast to Dean, who was lucky enough to watch his first home burn to the ground after their mom got set on fire, then lived in motels for the next 30 years. They're so busy talking about their mutual hang-ups that they almost don't notice the witch sneaking up behind them. Dorothy shoots and wings the witch with her one poppy bullet. The witch turns herself into a swirl of green smoke and disappears into the nearest air vent. Dorothy and Sam decide to split up to go looking for her.

While Charlie and Dean search through his room, green smoke starts pouring in through the vent. Man, it's too bad this place isn't warded against all evil! Dean finds the key just in time for the witch to materialize behind him and grab it out of his hand. She punches him and he goes bouncing off his bed and onto the floor. The witch hurls a handful of green lightning in his direction, but Charlie leaps between them, intercepting the blast. Dean shoots the witch square in the chest, but it doesn't keep her from smoking back out the vent. Those poppy bullets are just about damned useless, is what they are. Dean drops to his knees and takes Charlie's face in his hands. He calls her name again and again, and gets no answer.

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