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Monkeys Fly Out of the Hardy Boys' Butts

He scoops her up and carries her over to the bed and smooths the hair away from her brow. He hears Sam coming down the hall. "Zeke!" he calls out. Sam's eyes flash blue. His posture immediately improves 300%. "You have to help her," Dean says. "She's gone," Samekiel says. "You can bring her back, like you did Cass," Dean says. "I cannot keep doing that," Samekiel says." Dean wants to know why the hell not? Well, we're only four episodes into the season and this "Zeke ex Machina" thing is already getting repetitive and boring, for starters. But Zeke's objection is that it will weaken him further and require that he stay holed up in Sam longer and longer. Samekiel says he can either help them get rid of the witch, or heal Charlie. Dean thinks for a moment and says, "Save her." Samekiel kneels by Charlie and touches two fingers to her forehead. He makes a face and sound like he's pooping himself, and then falls back, unconscious. Charlie pops up, bleary-eyed but alive. Sam wakes up a second later, rubbing his head. Dean explains about Charlie saving him, and then lies about the witch knocking out Sam. Dorothy shows up to keep an eye on Charlie while the brothers run off to find the witch. In a nice moment, Sam picks up Charlie's gun with its one poppy bullet and hands it off to Dean without explanation.

"Who's Zeke?" Sam wants to know as he and Dean stalk through the halls of the LOL. Not that it's an inappropriate thing to wonder, but maybe he could hold off on the talking while they're trying to sneak up on the witch. After all, it's not like they're in the safest place on earth. Sam says, "Back in your room, before I got zapped, I thought you said the name Zeke." The vacuum tubes in Dean's brain fizz and pop. "I think you're still a little punchy," he says, unable to come up with any other lie. He even rolls his eyes at himself when Sam's back is turned, aware of what an awful job he's doing with this "secrets and lies" thing.

Up in Dean's room, Charlie is still recovering. "I had the weirdest dream when I was out," she says. She starts to tell Dorothy about her Christmas dream, but Dorothy cuts her off. "Charlie, you died," she says. "Don't worry about it, though. You're not a real hunter until you've died and come back again!" Remember when coming back to life was kind of a novelty? You had to make a deal with a crossroads demon and it was some really serious shit. Now it's like, hey, angel, reanimate my friend and then make me some popcorn or whatever. Dorothy explains that one zap from the witch means instant death. She should know, because the witch killed her once, too. She neglects to explain how she managed to get un-killed, but tells Charlie about the time she snuck off with her dad to the Emerald City and got stuck there. "I met up with these three freedom fighters," she says. "They thought I was some Child of Destiny, chosen to kill the Wicked Witch." Dorothy says the witch cast a spell that turned the fighters into the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. She still doesn't explain how she managed to come back from the dead.

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