Survival Of The Fittest

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Demian: C- | 11 USERS: B
They Should Have Cancelled The Hardy Boys Years Ago

...inside to catch Darling Sammy sneaking in through an unguarded door.

Meanwhile, down on the lawn, Meg grunts as she takes another couple of bullets to the chest.

Somewhere up above, Dashing El Deano and My Batshit Baboo creep through the halls while...

...Darling Sammy does the same and...

...Meg splashes one Leviathanically-enhanced bruiser with a bit of borax. The bruiser drops to his knees, screaming. There's another unnecessary cut back indoors that lasts all of a second before we return to the lawn to learn that Meg's managed to decapitate all of her opponents. She tosses off some quippy remark I'll not be bothering to transcribe, and then it's back...

...inside to follow the progress of Dashing El Deano and My Batshit Baboo. Castiel quietly identifies the first Richard Roman they stumble across as a clone, so the two creep off to another part of the building.

Downstairs, two of Crowley's henchminions accost Meg just as she's wandering off somewhere I totally don't care about, and that's it for Meg this season, gang! Wave goodbye! "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Or that. That works, too.

Upstairs, Darling Sammy crashes through a door to find Sniveling Snot-Nosed Kevin lashed to a chair. Sam works quickly to free the aggravating and pointless tertiary character, but just as they're about to escape, Sniveling Snot-Nosed Kevin insists they have to blow up The Leviathans' laboratory, lest Richard Roman succeed in his asinine plan to kill all the skinny people.

And speaking of Richard Roman, there he is now, testing a batch of his skinny people potion just as My Batshit Baboo and Dashing El Deano flutter in from elsewhere to catch him entirely unawares. D'OH! Dean lops off the head of the only Leviathanically-enhanced underling present, and then he and Castiel stand there all menacing-like while Richard Roman tries to talk them both to death, and as I really have absolutely zero patience for that kind of bullshit now that we're so close to the end of this god-awful season, I'll just skip ahead to the bit where Dashing El Deano rams This Year's Unnecessarily Complicated Ultimate Weapon into Richard Roman's stomach.

Of course, there's a problem, in that the goddamned thing doesn't work. But before you allow yourself to get all bent out of shape about this particularly depressing development, I should probably let you in on a little secret: That wasn't actually This Year's Unnecessarily Complicated Ultimate Weapon. Nope, for whatever blisteringly stupid reason, they decided to try to fake us out, here, and just as Richard Roman threatens once more to talk all of us to death, Dashing El Deano whips out This Year's One True Unnecessarily Complicated Ultimate Weapon and jams that badass motherfucker straight through Richard Roman's neck. Kick ass. Darling Sammy and Sniveling Snot-Nosed Kevin slam through the laboratory's doors just in time to watch as Richard Roman slowly goes nuclear, with wave after wave of pulsating energy pumping from his body until those waves collapse back in on themselves, and then?

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