Survival Of The Fittest

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They Should Have Cancelled The Hardy Boys Years Ago

Meanwhile, Dead Bobby steers that hapless hotel maid he's been riding for the last week over to a bank of televisions on display in a pawn shop window somewhere dark, deserted and damp, and he glowers as Richard Roman appears on every single screen. DUN!

Back in Seattle, Crowley and Roman continue negotiating the terms of their incredibly stupid deal until we cross-fade over to...

..."a friggin' nunnery crypt," as Dashing El Deano puts it, to watch as Our Intrepid Heroes break in. After considering several options, Our Dear Boys decide to defile the grave of one "Sister Mary Constant," a kind-hearted soul who lived "eighty-three years of quiet, humble, nun-like goodness," according to the graveyard inventory Darling Sammy somehow managed to find, so Dashing El Deano whips out his trusty sledgehammer to begin whacking away at the good sister's nameplate.

Seattle. The chatty gentlemen have just now concluded their negotiations, and Richard Roman summons his ever-helpful personal assistant, Leviathan Sue, to make triplicates of the much-amended contract prior to the formal signing of same under the watchful eyes of a few Leviathanically-enhanced notaries.

Lush Coastal Rainforests Of Montana's Rocky Mountains, Ridiculously Scenic Rustic Homestead Subdivision. Our Intrepid Heroes attempt to summon Crowley and fail, of course, because Crowley's still ensnared in that Devil's Trap over in Seattle, though neither Sam nor Dean is aware of that fact at this time. The two proceed to bitch at each other for a couple of minutes until a certain someone comes a-knocking on the cabin door, and it's Meg, who enters to state, "You deal with him -- I can't anymore." Dashing El Deano's all, "And this would be regarding...?" so Meg seethes, "I was laying low halfway across the world when Emo Boy pops up out of nowhere and zaps me right back here." "Why?" Dean thinks to inquire. "Go ask him," Meg retorts, adding, "He was your boyfriend first." Point to Meg, I suppose, but that's not important right now because we must follow along as Dashing El Deano traipses out into...

...the sunshine flooding the ridiculously scenic rustic homestead's dooryard, where he finds My Mellow Baboo sitting in a car that is not this week's crapped-out piece of automotive trash, listening to Don McLean's "Vincent" on the radio. Dean takes a very long moment to gather what little remains of his increasingly strained patience, and then wonders what gives. "Well, Dean," My Batshit Baboo replies, "I've been thinking: Monkeys are so clever, and they're sensible in that they leave the skins on the bananas that they eat -- is it really necessary to test cosmetics on them? I mean, how important is lipstick to you?" "Not very," Dean admits before inviting Castiel inside for a chat, so it's back to...

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