Survival Of The Fittest

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They Should Have Cancelled The Hardy Boys Years Ago

Oh, yes: My Batshit Baboo returns to play Twister with himself, and then we skip ahead a few hours to watch as Dead Bobby materializes to apologize for trying to choke Darling Sammy to death. There follows a heartfelt scene of goodbye between Dead Bobby and Our Intrepid Heroes, but you know what? We already saw this. Earlier this very season, in fact. And as it was a hell of a lot more effective back then, I'll be cutting to the chase, here, if that's okay with everyone. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Excellent. So, Dead Bobby offers Our Intrepid Heroes a heartfelt goodbye, and then Dashing El Deano fires up Dead Rufus's barbecue grill down in the cabin's basement -- let me repeat that: Down in the cabin's basement -- so he might torch Dead Bobby's magical traveling flask. And as that flask slowly melts against the grill's glowing coals, the camera focuses in on Our Intrepid Heroes pretty, pretty faces as those pretty, pretty faces begin to glow in the unnatural light provided by Dead Bobby's ghastly immolation. That's one way to save money on special effects, I suppose. And in the end, the camera lingers for a moment to capture the waves of angst crashing against Our Intrepid Heroes' mightily furrowed brows until it dumps us all into this evening's next commercial break most woefully CHOMP!-less.

Ridiculously Scenic Rustic Homestead. Dashing El Deano enters the cabin parlor to interrupt My Batshit Baboo, the latter of whom has been assiduously playing yet another board game all by his crazy self, and he asks for one final favor. Before we know it, we've been fluttered over to...

...some random boathouse somewhere else, where My Batshit Baboo drops Dashing El Deano off in front of an Impala-shaped lump that's currently lurking beneath a dirty drop cloth. The two get to talking -- again, some more -- and the upshot of it all is this: My Batshit Baboo has had a change of heart, or whatever, and agrees to accompany Our Intrepid Heroes on their insane mission to take out Richard Roman. "So," Castiel wonders once all that's been settled, "can I ask the plan?" "Well," Dean replies, "according to Crowley, Dick knows we're coming, so we're gonna announce ourselves." "Big," he adds, with appropriate amounts of emphasis on that particular word. My Batshit Baboo squints.

Cut to a shot of the open road, the following morning. An Impala-shaped blob takes form off in the distance, and as the camera rushes forward to greet it, Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" kicks in on the soundtrack, and so dreadful has this season been that not even the triumphant return of Metallicar can save it at this point. We follow along as the Impala swerves and skids along on the pavement until it bursts through SucroCorp's main security gate to go crashing through the company's glass logo out on the lawn, and when the car finally comes to a stop, Meg emerges with a smile on her face and a machete in her hand. Several Leviathanically-enhanced security personnel immediately swarm from the building to pump her full of lead, but Meg just keeps that sweet smile on her face while the camera hops...

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