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It's Better For the Hardy Boys to Burn Out Than Fade Away
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Rattle, Rattle THE ROAD SO FAR! and if it's the season finale, then we're listening to "Carry On Wayward Son" as clips from the past year's greatest hits fly by on the screen. This particular montage starts with Our Intrepid Heroes gaping in horror as Lucifer's horrible white light erupts from Lilith's blood sigil on the floor of St. Mary's Convent in Ilchester, Maryland, and continues through the violent decapitations of several zombies, the violent dismemberment of several spectral children, and that violently futile attempt to escape several snarling Hellhounds before zipping through various shots of the moon's dark side, the unquiet spirit of a Massachusetts witch, the remote deaths of a couple of guardian angels, and a scene set in the distant past until we land on Gabriel rather forcefully ordering Sam and Dean to play the roles Capital-D Destiny has assigned to them. And then? The season's overarching plot distilled to a series of soundbites, reminding us that Our Intrepid Heroes are The Vessels for Michael and Lucifer, that Our Intrepid Heroes can lock Lucifer back in his divinely wrought cage using the rings they hacked off The Four Horsemen's hands, that Our Intrepid Heroes have an adorable bastard of a half-brother named Adam Milligan who has likely become Michael's angel condom in Dean's stead, that Darling Sammy has an abysmally stupid plan to end The Apocalypse, that Dashing El Deano must let his brother jump into the fiery pit or face the wrath of Death, and that Dean can't decide if he's more scared of losing, or of losing his brother. Oh, and there's this chick named Bendy Lisa with whom Dean had a one-night stand about a zillion years ago. Got all that? Good, 'cause it's time for the...

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